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Slipknot’s New Album Coming in 2014

Slipknot’s New Album Coming in 2014

by Salil Tembe2014/08/06

After six years from the release of “All Hope is Gone” comes the moment when we finally get a glimpse of what Slipknot has been brewing for their new album. There has been some news about Slipknot’s new album, a lot of teasing last year, but finally they have released an actual album preview for us to listen to. “The negative one” is the name of the preview track which is available on their official website

This is the first time Slipknot have released any new content since death of their bassist Paul Gray and since the drummer Joey Jordison was ousted from the band for some unknown reasons. The upcoming fifth album from Slipknot is still unnamed as of today. The album is going to be really “heavy” this time according to the members of the band. The preview song on the website gives us a hint about what to expect. By listening to “the negative one” you can feel as if Joey Jordison was still playing the drums. Whoever has replaced our good old Joey has surely pulled it off very well. Everyone wants to know who the drummer behind the mask is, but the band member Corey has kept his mouth shut. Although, we can expect a lot of news to hit us around the time of Knotfest.

The music video was released on 5th August. On the website, you can only listen to the preview song once, but have to fill out your email address to play once more. By submitting your email, you will be on their mailing list to receive any news straight into your inbox.

Slipknot will also be headlining the Knotfest this year in San Bernardino grounds in California. The festival is for three days and all the attendees will be getting free digital download of the album. Along with that, the band would be performing on two separate sets on two different days which happen to be Saturday and Sunday. On each day they would be giving performance highlighting different songs from the new album.

The new album is expected to be released this autumn. Along with the new album, Slipknot also plans to release a single called “The Devil and I”. Just to clear out any confusions, this single has nothing to do with their new album and “The negative one” is not a single.


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