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Slipknot’s new album ‘The Gray Chapter’ unmasked

Slipknot’s new album ‘The Gray Chapter’ unmasked

by Salil Tembe2014/09/19
The Gray Chapter Album  Artwork

The Gray Chapter Album Artwork

Slipknot has unmasked their new album called “.5: The Gray Chapter”. It contains 14 titles and it is the first album without the band’s founding member, Paul Gray. A lot has been happening behind the curtains this entire time and maggots have been growing very hungry to consume new music.

Ever since the last album All Hope is Gone, they have lost two band members, bassist Paul Gray and drummer Joey Jordison. It is quite a big question as to who has replaced those two men and it is also quite hard to guess because both of their identities remain hidden behind the masks.

The Devil in I is one of the titles that has been released on their official YouTube channel for everyone to watch. Within a month, it has managed to rake more than 2.3 million views which indicates how hungry Slipknot maggots are.

The Devil in I is not a very rowdy track in comparison to their other records. It is more of a cleaner vocal sound track with amazing rhythmic beats from the drum and guitar which gives that “heavy” feeling even while having a clean vocal on the front.

According to the vocalist, Corey Taylor,

“‘The Devil In I’ is really about the war inside yourself, trying not to give into defeatism, trying not to give into negativity, trying not to give up basically. It’s a struggle. It’s one of the hardest thing you can do, is to give in to that side of yourself.”

There was actually a manpower shortage while filming the video for The Devil in I, so they asked their “maggots” to volunteer and star in the video. The requirement was immediately fulfilled within 2 days and the video was successfully recorded.

There has also been some rumor about the band not working with Donnie Steele who has been the band’s original guitarist, it’s suspected he shifted roles to play the bass. Additionally, there are rumours about the band’s new drummer being Jay Weinberg who is apparently the son of Max Weinberg. Again, those are unconfirmed rumours and everyone is eager to know who the two new members are behind those masks. We expect things to get clearer as we approach the Knotfest which is going to happen on October 24th and it would continue over the entire weekend until October 26th. The new album “The Gray Chapter” will be released on October 21, just days before the Knotfest. The album should available through Roadrunner records.

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