The Amity Affliction sell out album release shows in five minutes

The Amity Affliction I Bring the Weather With Me Joel Birch
The Amity Affliction I Bring the Weather With Me Joel Birch

Aussie metalcore vets The Amity Affliction have released I Bring the Weather With Me, the lead single from their forthcoming fifth album ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’. Producer Will Putney, who worked on their previous album ‘Let the Ocean Take Me’, returned to work with the band again. The album is due out on August 12, so fans have a bit of a wait ahead.

The Amity Affliction announced three Australian tour dates with Trophy Eyes in late August which sold out in five minutes. They will release a very limited quantity of tickets at 12pm on Wednesday, May 25 at The dates are: Friday, August 19 at the Tivoli in Brisbane, Friday 26 August at the Metro in Sydney and Wednesday August 31 at 170 Russell in Melbourne.

I Bring the Weather With Me is a step in a new direction

The new single is a subtle step forward for The Amity Affliction. The band stated that the video clip was filmed on the same day as the clip for the as yet unnamed second single. There’s also a storyline which connects the two videos together. I Bring the Weather With Me mid-tempo song is led by a piano part, with melodic guitars as a counterpoint. The song has a greater melodic focus than many songs from band, and no breakdown to speak of. The biggest change comes in the form of Dan Brown‘s beautiful guitar solo in the bridge. Bassist/vocalist Ahren Stringer commented on the genesis of the solo:

“Basically I said, let’s do a guitar solo, and Dan just went ‘check this out’, ripped it first take we had to just leave it, it was just a beautiful moment.”

Dan Brown offers greater contributions in The Amity Affliction

The Amity Affliction I Bring the Weather With Me Dan Brown
The Amity Affliction: Dan Brown, Ahren Stringer, Joel Birch and Ryan Burt.

‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ is the second album that features Brown, who previously played in Melbourne metalcore act Confession. Brown’s contributions are no doubt more prominent now, as it’s the first album that features him as the only guitarist, following the departure of lead guitarist Troy Brady in 2014. In an interview for the album release Brown noted that he and Stringer wrote all the music on the LP. He added:

“We were forced to write a lot on tour as we were so busy in 2015. We wrote Shine On on Warped Tour.”

Brown and Stringer explained that the band didn’t include Shine On, a 2015 standalone single, on the album

“We thought it would be a bit lazy. We’d also have to re-record it. I don’t like when bands re-record songs. You’d want to make it sound like the rest of the album. You’d have to re-record the vocals, but it just doesn’t have the same feel.”

Somewhat bizarrely, coarse vocalist Joel Birch said that his lyrics are almost completely unrelated to the music:

“I’m so useless at imagining what songs are gonna sound like that I barely even listen to what they send.”

As a result Stringer arranges Birch’s lyrics and picks which parts he’ll sing and which parts Birch will do. It’s a surprising arrangement for a band that’s known for their personal lyrics.

Digital pre-orders for ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ are available on iTunes. CD and vinyl pre-order bundles are available on 24hundred.



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