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A review usually includes a short unboxing/demo video and well as photos. After in-depth written analysis, a few relevant shopping links are planted throughout the review. We assign products to reviewers that have knowledge in that area. There is that extra bit of info that you might not get elsewhere, that comes from experience. This reflects positively on our audience and sometimes we get snippets of their own findings in the comments.

The reviewers we hire are writing about their overall opinion of the products they receive. They are asked to be as honest as possible to give a real good first impression of the review sample. By striving to provide the best insight from a consumers point of view, writers keep things casual and understandable. SoundReview likes it that way and encourages creativity to further innovate each review with an open mind.

Why do so many companies come to SoundReview?

TC Electronic

Reviews used to be a boring thing, we took it to the next level and made them intriguing. No cash exchanged hands, keeping the reviews free allowed the big and small brands to get access to our growing review network. We've worked with many different companies over the years. Most have long term relationships with us, they see the benefits of having a review of their new product releases.

They're happy to wait, for what we do pushes for quality, not quantity.

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