Archeer Wireless Microphone System review

Archeer Wireless Microphone karaoke mic
Archeer Wireless Microphone karaoke mic
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The Archeer Wireless Microphone System is a dual mic set-up designed to allow users to have fun with karaoke in their own homes. It’s also suitable for other applications like public gatherings, conferences, lectures and anything else that requires an easy-to-use microphone system. The pricing is very competitive at $69.99.

Dual wireless mic system

Archeer Wireless Microphone karaoke review
The Archeer Wireless Microphone System.

The system includes two wireless mics, a receiver, power pack and one metre 1/4″ cable to connect the receiver to your speaker set-up. You’ll need to provide two AA batteries for each mic as well as a PA or speaker system to run everything through. There’s a 3.5mm jack to allow you to run backing music through the receiver, but if you want to use this you’ll need to provide your own cable. The receiver has the following volume controls: Master, mic A and B, echo and a backing music level. The echo control adds reverb which can take the sharpness out of the vocal and help it sit better with the music.

Good audio results from Archeer Wireless Microphones

Archeer Wireless Microphone karaoke receiver
The Archeer receiver, 1.4″ cable and power supply.

So how do the microphones sound? $70 isn’t a whole lot for a two mic set-up, but the Archeer Wireless Microphones sound quite good. Vocals and spoken word both sound pleasant through the set-up, as does the reverb. I also had no problems with the wireless connection.

The only issue that popped up while using the mic was sibilance. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the term, sibilance refers to the pops and extra noises that speaking into a microphone often produces. There’s a pop filter built into the mics but it didn’t seem to be very effective. You can reduce the sibilance somewhat however with microphone technique. Holding the mic about six inches away from your mouth and speaking into it at a slight angle definitely helps.

Archeer karaoke mic features sturdy build

Archeer Wireless Microphone karaoke receiver rear
The rear panel of the receiver.

Any mic used for karaoke or public address is going to get dropped or knocked around a bit at some point. The Archeer Wireless Microphone should survive a bit of poor treatment though. Both the mics and the receiver are made of metal. The last few bottom centimetres of the mics are made out of rubber and plastic however. This lower section of the mic is not essential to its operation though. If you dropped it and cracked that part the mic would keep working fine. You’d have to break off the bottom part then drop it in the same spot a second time to do any real damage. Admittedly this is possible but if you want a bullet-proof mic set-up you should probably be spending more than $70.

Is the Archeer Wireless Microphone a good buy?

Archeer have put together a solid wireless microphone package here. Given the quality of the set-up the price is quite competitive. I don’t see any reason to spend more if you’re after a solution for karaoke or small-scale public address. The construction is tough, it’s simple to set-up and the audio results are good for the price range.

  • Frequency Response: VHF 200-280MHz
  • Transmit Power: >10MW
  • Receiver Sensitivity: < 99dBm@80dB DNR
  • Audio Response: 50HZ-18KHZ(±3DB)
  • Audio Dynamic Range: >95dB
  • Effective Distance: ≥30M
Archeer Wireless Microphone karaoke mic
Archeer Wireless Microphone System
The Archeer Wireless Microphone System is a great, affordable set-up for karaoke and public address requirements.
Sound quality
Worth it?
Reader Rating7 Votes
Competitive pricing
Fairly tough build
Good sound quality
Simple to set up
Sibilance can be an issue
Need to provide own cable for backing music connection
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