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best studio mics for recording

Now we have a mixture of different studio mics for multiple applications. The list includes mostly microphones suited to certain types of vocalists and the recording of various acoustic instruments. For example, an acoustic guitar may not have a jack plug socket and will need to be miked up. Like Studio Gear? Check out the best studio pre-amp reviews.

When it comes to Studio Mics, the Modmic 5 XLR has been included, this is going to be better used as a control room communication tool. It’s intended for speaking, podcasting and the likes, but not singing. The rest of the range is suitable for vocals/acoustic instruments which vary in price, from the very affordable, to the downright expensive.

The higher in value, the better the audio (usually).. obviously some brands abuse this but we can tell if the hardware is rubbish. The Aston Origin is a mic that is mid range in price and maintains its value in the audio it receives with notable results for vocals. In contrast, budget Studio Mics like the BM-800 are so low in price, its questionable how they work to a reasonable level. Usually, countries like China are able to manufacture many thousands of mics for a low price which outbids brands from the West. Although the components may be sub-par, we feel its good to conjure the best studio mics from different price points.

All reviewed Studio Mics here have been looked at from a usage point of view, their own intended purpose. Bare this in mind before making a purchase! As a reminder, remember you will be sacrificing audio fidelity for lower grade hardware. To conclude, please make sure you always check the specifications before plugging in a mic to a pre-amp. It is also recommended to turn off phantom power before or risk blowing up the mic. Don’t drop them either like you’re at a rap concert, that will definitely finish them off. Ribbon microphones can be particularly fragile, treat them nicely.

Best Studio Mics

If you want one ribbon, the AEA N22 is it.
Excellent balance
Amazing clarity
Can be combined with another to make a Blumlein Pair
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aston origin bottom
The Aston Origin is an absolute steal for $250. The mic is very versatile and is superb on vocals and acoustic guitar.
Works with a variety of sources
Warm, full-bodied sound
Superb vocal and acoustic guitar results
Competitively priced for what you get
Sturdy construction
No external pop filter
No hardcase included
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Modmic 5 XLR power converter podcasting
Antlion Audio have made a good product even better with the inclusion of the XLR Power Converter package.
XLR converter makes using an audio interface with a headphone mic easy
Well-priced for the quality and feature set
Modular design is smart and adaptable
Magnets make it easy to take boom mic off when not in use
Audio is fair but not great for a $69.95 mic
Quite a few parts to get your head around before you can use it
Modmic USB headset headphone review header
Antlion Audio is onto another winner with the ModMic USB. The new model is simple to install, use and easily turns your headphones in a quality headset.
Easy to install
Simple to use
All the accessories you need
Priced well for the audio quality and features
Don't expect it to compete with standalone mics for audio fidelity
Not compatible with Xbox One
Hardcase needs to be bigger
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AT2035 cover
The AT2035 has good features for the price, sturdy construction and a fairly flat, clear sound. On the right vocalist it sounds great, but it will not suit all types of singers.
Useful feature set
Solid construction
Warm, clear reproduction
Looks classy
Good value for money
Bass response overpowering for some vocalists
Not quite as versatile as some users claim
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The BM- 800 is an excellent budget microphone for most recording applications.
Sounds Great
Durable Construction
Shock Mount Included
Wind Screen Included
4 colors options: Black, White, Pink, and Blue
May require phantom power depending on one's power source
May require additional cables if phantom power is needed
Poorly written owner's manual
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