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These can be used to power certain Studio mics, headphones, guitars and synthesizers. As a matter of fact, the Zoom Tac-2R, provides functionality for not only mics, but direct inputs for guitar and synthesizers with an included midi output. When recording tracks in your home studio, the light weight design helps you add to the mix without taking up too much desk space.

It’s important to realise, pre-amps such as the Scarlett 6i6 use a combination of hardware and software to run the system. As a result, it is recommended to check the Studio pre-amp supports your computer operating system.

Are you running a high class studio? Then consider spending more to produce better audio results!

If you are looking for more inputs and outputs, there’s usually an upgrade available. In this instance, the unit would look like more like a rack. This is better for recording larger bands where more channels are being used.

For applications such as headphones monitoring, the Sennheiser HDV 820 can provide amazing audio output. It is really expensive, so we wouldn’t expect anything less for $2400. The AEA TRP is another higher tier unit designed as a ribbon mic pre-amp, these guys aren’t joking around either. A top of the range piece of kit, little to disappointed about!

Top Studio Pre-Amps Reviewed

The Radial J48 offers excellent value for money and produces great results both on stage and in the studio. The design is straightforward and the built quality is top-notch.
Outstanding build quality
Several useful features included
Produces great results in the studio
Convenient and sounds good live
Easy to set up and use
No option for battery power
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If you own and recording with ribbon mics, the TRP preamp is a must own.
Small and compact
Very low noise floor
Very high impedance
Designed specifically for passive mics
Designed specifically for passive mics
Somewhat expensive
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The HDV 820 has a big price tag, but you get your money's worth with detailed, punchy audio, loads of connectivity options and the high quality DAC and preamp.
Detailed, crystal-clear audio
Plenty of connectivity options
High quality digital-analog converter and preamp included
Very broad frequency response
If all you need is a headphone amp, then it's a bulky and expensive option
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A compact, high quality audio interface that has super low latency and professional quality audio I/O.
Low latency, almost realtime interface
High resolution input and output
Sturdy build that looks nice
Easy to use
Analog as well as digital (MIDI) input
Useful and powerful software that has deep integration with the hardware
A little on the expensive side
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Overall, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 is a competitively priced unit which offers a good feature set and quality construction. It also delivers with regard to sound quality. The unit does however present ongoing crashing issues for some users.
Good feature set
Competitively priced
Fairly rugged construction
Looks and sounds good
Technical issues were experienced by a number of users
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The Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 is a good value purchase if you want to get into home recording. The dual headphone outputs are a nice inclusion. The cheaper Scarlett 2i4 is a better buy for portable recording and has a better physical interface though.
Lots of connectivity options for a competitive price
Pretty sturdy overall
Looks good
Two headphone outputs with individual controls is a nice feature
Less suited to portable recording than the 2i4
Instrument pre-amps aren't very inspiring
Pad and line/instrument switch is done via software rather than control panel
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