A Good Rap Vocal Mic: The M-Audio Sputnik

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Looking for a dynamic mic for rapping?

m audio sputnik

Considered a good rap vocal mic, the M-Audio Sputnik is a Large Diaphragm Condenser (LDC) microphone. It is considered 100% more expensive than an average stereo mic, but the dynamics it has to offer makes it worth it.

The ever so hyped M-Audio Sputnik tube mic, with its self-proclaimed saucy overtones’ glory, does not seem to fall short of its extensive buildup after all! The perfection and dynamic sounds it has to offer are impeccable. According to some popular reviews and company statements, M-Audio Sputnik is comparable to the well acknowledged vintage microphones; C12 and U47. It is a bright mic but unlike most cheap microphones, its midrange is not phasey nor solid. It is a fairly nice sounding microphone, especially for male vocals and the dynamics are better than any LDC in its price class. As referred to earlier, the Sputnik is widely compared to C12 and U47 by the company itself, which is to say; the sound of Sputnik lies somewhere between the bright output of C12 and the warmer result of U47. Having a dual diaphragm capsule, it’s more dynamic in its high and low frequencies capture, and considering that it has switchable polar patterns, it’s actually well worth the price. Despite being preferred for rap vocals mostly, it’s not just the rappers who are fond of this mic, most punk and rock musicians find it just right for their taste as well.

Unlike most of the microphones these days, the Sputnik is a pretty heavy mic. Covered in solid brass casing, it is much more rigid and sturdy. Certainly feels nice to handle a solid piece that packs some weight. The general consensus advocates Sputnik to be extremely good for the money, considering it has outperformed a lot of the other more expensive microphones.

The ladies love it. This thing is a sexy head-turning beast, shiny and space age looking. It’s my favorite piece of gear to bring out to impress the clients. People love singing into it (especially when they hear how good they sound).

This mic sounds amazing. I’ve never used a C-12 or U-47, so I can’t say that it measures up to the classics, but it IS the nicest mic I’ve ever used.

this is the most super excellent affordable microphone that’s ever been made in the history of the Universe, I’m not kidding you.

I have not found a better mic for that much money. For rap I would go with the sputnik its more dynamic

  • Type: Large-Diaphragm Vacuum Tube Condenser Microphone
  • Diaphragm: 1″ diameter; 3 micron evaporated 24 karat gold
  • Tube: Military-grade 6205M pentode, wired as a triode
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid / Figure-Eight / Omni (switchable)
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz; ± 1 dB
  • Sensitivity: 30 mV/Pa (-30.5 dB V)
  • Max. SPL for 0.5% THD: 132dB; 142 dB using -10 dB Pad
  • Equivalent noise level: 18dB—A weighted
  • Output impedance: 200 Ω; transformer isolated
  • Recommended load impedance: 1 k Ω
  • Power requirement: Dedicated supply (provided)
  • Connector: 7-pin cable
  • Dimensions (H x W X D): 8.25″ x 3″ x 2″
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs.


mid range mic
Sound quality
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Reader Rating6 Votes
Surprisingly smooth, neutral-sounding. Copes with low frequencies well. Great value for money.
Not good for dull-on-top instruments. Arguably, a bit heavy for some.
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