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Antlion Audio has been tweaking their ModMic series over the years and now they’re better than ever. Today we’re looking at the ModMic Uni, a recently released update on the ModMic 4 design. The Uni, which allows you to turn any pair of headphones into a headset, only sets you back $49.95 USD.

Who is the ModMic Uni for?

The ModMic Uni is the cheapest option in the current Antlion Audio line-up, which also includes the ModMic Wireless ($99.95) and the ModMic USB ($69.95). The target audience for these headphone mics includes gamers, podcasters and anyone who needs quality VoIP communication. The ModMic Uni in particular is going to appeal to those on a budget who aren’t overly concerned about top-notch audio fidelity. In contrast, the Wireless and USB versions produce higher audio quality, as we’ll discuss below.

Uni provides budget headphone mic solution

ModMic Uni headset headphone mic on AKG headphones
The ModMic Uni converting an AKG K 240 MkII into a headset.

The ModMic Uni has a single microphone mode, which of course is unidirectional. The mic, which is designed to cut out background noise, has a narrow frequency response of 100Hz – 10kHz. In addition to unidirectional, the ModMic Wireless and USB have a second microphone mode: omnidirectional. This mode is not noise cancelling but it offers a fuller sound and a broader response of 50hz – 20kHz. Therefore the higher-end models would be more suitable for podcasters or anyone doing voice-work, whereas the more affordable Uni might appeal more to gamers. While the Uni isn’t so fancy in the audio department, it’s nonetheless a big step up from most integrated mics that come stock with earphones or headphones. You can hear the audio quality it produces in our demo of the mic in the video demo above.

Broad range of connectivity options

ModMic Uni headset headphone mic cable run
The ModMic Uni headset solution has a 2m cable run.

The ModMic Uni connects via a 3.5mm jack, which enables its use with Windows and Linux PCs. You can run it on Mac with the Y-adapter ($8.96), while with the USB adapter ($7.46) it runs on PS4 and Xbox One. Note that these adapters have to be purchased separately from Antlion Audio. For Xbox users, the ModMic Uni is the only currently available model which works on their console.

Accessory options

ModMic Uni headset headphone mic accessories
The accessories included with the ModMic Uni.

Antlion Audio ships the following extras with the ModMic Uni: Hardshell case, spare base clasp, spare adhesive, alcohol pad (for preparing the headphones), five cable clips and a brief manual. It’s unfortunate that the adapters are an additional cost for some users, but I can see why they weren’t included, as they’d just be a waste of money for Windows and Linux users. The hardshell case is a nice inclusion, although I would have liked for it and the internal straps to be roomer. Putting the ModMic back in the case becomes a chore as you have to work to fit everything in the tight space. The 2m cable includes an integrated mute switch, which is another handy inclusion. Lastly, the boom arm which holds the mic is malleable so that’s handy to help position the mic. In future models I’d like to see them use a stronger magnet to keep the boom arm in place. It would be easier to use if you could only displace the boom arm with a deliberate push rather than an accidental knock being enough to move it around.

Quick and easy installation

ModMic Uni headset headphone mic case
The ModMic Uni comes with a hardcase.

You can see how easy the installation process is at the end of our embedded video above. No technical know-how is needed and it’s rather quick and painless, which I love. Furthermore the Uni operates with a single cable, so there’s no getting caught up in complicated multiple cable runs.

Budget headphone mic brings the goods

ModMic Uni headset headphone mic cables
The ModMic Uni includes an integrated mute switch.

Antlion Audio keeps going from strength to strength. I’ve used several generations of ModMics and the current line-up is hands-down the best yet. The ModMic Uni is a simple, budget design that does exactly what it’s meant to do with the minimum of fuss. If you need to turn your headphones into a headset and don’t want to break the bank doing it, the Uni should be your first stop. If audio fidelity is very important for the application you have in mind, you might be better served with the ModMic Wireless or USB though.

ModMic Uni headset headphone mic header
ModMic Uni Headphone Mic Review
The ModMic Uni is a budget headset solution which offers great value for money for gamers and casual users.
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The only ModMic with Xbox connectivity
The most affordable ModMic option
Easy to install and use
Hardcase included
Only one microphone mode
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