Numark NVII DJ controller hits stores

Numark NVII DJ controller

The Numark NV was the first Serato DJ controller that became a huge hit. It gave the users some of the best features in the industry that were only available on really expensive platforms. Among the many features, the two high resolution full colour screens built right on to the controller panel were the most striking. The real time feedback from Serato DJ, waveform display, spinning Virtual Decks, close integration of the screen and the physical controls coupled with high quality construction made DJs drool all over it. So much so that it kind of changed the scenario in the DJ controller industry. After nearly 2 years from launch of the NV, Numark has finally introduced the NVII to the market. Let us have a look at what’s new with the Numark NVII controller.

What’s new with the Numark NVII?

Visually inspecting, we do not see any striking differences between Numark NV and the Numark NVII. In terms of appearance and construction they are both similar with minor differences in the cosmetics.

The screen now has grid lines which helps DJs get better beat matching without requiring any other device. The screen resolution hasn’t changed and it is still not touch sensitive. There are independent buttons near the screen that now allow beat jumping which was not possible directly on the NV. The 4 buttons and the knob on either sides of the screen remain unchanged from NV and allow loop slicing, sample triggering, library browsing, etc.

The knob besides the screen can now be pushed and that introduces us to the “push to select” feature. Pushing the knob will select the music track or the folder that has been selected on screen.

The library feature on the Numark NVII can now sort music tracks based on artist, year, genre and even sort by keys. This is something that could have been added on the NV via a simple firmware upgrade but according to Numark,

“There just wasn’t enough space for it”.

“Sort by time” is an interesting feature that will sort audio tracks based on the track length. The “Quantize” function now has an independent physical button placed near the screen. This function was once accessible only through the Serato DJ. Other than this, everything else remains the same in comparison to the NV.


Honestly, the NVII is more of a firmware update. Apart from a handful of small improvements, everything else has remained the same. We can call the NVII a refinement of the original NV controller. It is now available for $699 and the price of the Numark NV has dropped from $699 to $629 on Amazon.

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