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New Waves Pusher plugin created with Infected Mushroom

New Waves Pusher plugin created with Infected Mushroom

by Stephen Charlton2016/07/06

The Waves Pusher plugin, which is a multiband “sonic enhancer” and limiter/clipper, was created with Infected Mushroom. The genre-hopping electronic duo even sat down to provide some tips on how to get the best out of the plugin (see video below). Waves promises to deliver the “secret mixing sauce” of Infected Mushroom with the new plugin. Pusher combines a straight-forward user-interface with some powerful functions. Both Waves Audio and Infected Mushroom are based in Israel. Members Amit Duvdevani and Erez Eisen had the following to say:

“We wanted to combine our mixing and mastering tricks that we’ve been working on for 20 years into one plugin. Pusher will make almost anything sound better in a matter of seconds”.

Waves Pusher can be used for any genre or style

Waves state that the plugin enables users to boost frequencies, enhance sounds and master tracks for any genre or style. The audio samples on the Waves site show it bypassed and active on various genres and the results back-up the company’s claims with regard to its versatility. It can add grit to drums, brightness to instruments and push your whole mix to the max via limiting and clipping. Pusher is low-latency and is thus suitable for use in the studio and in the live arena.

Waves states that it’s equally at home on individual tracks, busses or for mastering. There are seven core functions included. ‘Low’ enhances the low frequencies and allows you to choose where to begin the processing based on note or frequency. It’s ideal for bringing forward kicks and bass instruments. ‘Body’ and ‘High’ can be used to enhance the mid and high frequencies. The curiously named ‘Magic’ can be used to “excite” and boost the dynamics of all frequencies. It’s designed for use on drum groups or the mix buss. ‘Stereo Image’ can be used to the widen the stereo image of the higher frequencies. ‘Push’ allows you to push your mix via clipping or limiting and is intended for mastering.

Infected Mushroom’s new plugin gets special introductory pricing

The Waves Pusher is available on sale now for $29, reduced from $49. Waves Audio also offer a demo version. If you aren’t on the Waves wagon yet, you’ll need to download the Waves Central program to get the demo up and running.

Infected Mushroom released the “Liquid Smoke” single via HOMmega last month. The new track is available for streaming on Youtube and for purchase via Amazon.


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