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Yoad Nevo demos new vintage-voiced Waves Electric 88 Piano plugin

Yoad Nevo demos new vintage-voiced Waves Electric 88 Piano plugin

by Stephen Charlton2016/07/13

The new Waves Electric 88 Piano plugin is for lovers of warm, vintage sounds. Producer Yoad Nevo (Sia, Pet Shop Boys, Air) demoed the plugin for Waves and it sounds beautiful. The plugin offers a broad array of sounds through its included compression, amp settings and five built-in effects. The effects are chorus, tremolo, autopan, phaser and reverb. The effects are not just tacked on extras, they sound quite authentic. The Electric 88 is normally priced at $69, although it’s currently on sale for $39.

Nevo commented:

“It’s not perfect. It doesn’t sound like physical modelling, or a really polished clinical and surgical sample. It’s an instrument. If you like it and you connect with it, you get something very special.”

Electric 88 Piano delivers the imperfect character of vintage instruments

The plugin is designed to capture the nuances of playing a vintage instrument. Vintage pianos change in tone over time and their imperfections result in a instrument in a unique sound with a distinct character. Waves sampled a road-worn piano for the plugin. The company:

“carefully captured the non-linearity of the individual keys to preserve its charming character. When we sampled the piano, we had each key played multiple times by hand to give it a real human feel. The result is a phenomenal electric piano full of personality and a sound that will instantly be reminiscent of classic ‘70s pianos: full of funk and soul.”

Waves plugin allows tweaking of internal mechanics

The Mix section allows to control the level of the internal mechanics, key-up sound and tines. Using them in combination with the effects can result in some very experimental sounds. The Formant control shifts the samples upwards and downwards to add an extra dimension of character and tone. Users can edit the bass, mid and treble frequencies to ensure the piano part sits evenly in the mix.

The Amp setting includes the option for condenser or dynamic miking. Cranking up the distortion instantly brings to mind classic ’60s and ’70s rock. The mellower sounds would be well-suited to jazz while the effects bring to mind classic prog rock acts.

Earlier in the month Waves released the Pusher plugin, which got a lot of attention. The versatile mixing and mastering plugin was designed in collaboration with electronic duo Infected Mushroom.

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