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Roland Cube Lite Guitar Amp Review

It is definitely cumbersome carrying a big guitar amplifier every time you go places for performance or whatever might be the reason. We do not always need the high power output amplifiers like Marshall that can rock your bedroom and create cracks in the wall. Just a few watts of power is [...]

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The Lightweight Markbass Traveler 102P 2×10 Bass Speaker Cabinet

Groove on the Move

Pic from AudioFanzine

Are you looking for a portable amp? Comfy to carry around and use? One of the cabs featured in our list of the Best Pro Guitar Amps is the Markbass Traveler 102P, an incredibly light and pretty decent sounding amplifier [...]

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Good 4 x 12 Speaker Cabinets for Your Amp Heads

In this article we are going to look at some good 4 x 12 speaker cabinets for your amp heads so that you can have the correct tones hitting your ears
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Top 5 100W Tube Guitar Amplifier Heads

A 100W tube guitar amplifier is the most important tool for any guitarist. Owning a good quality amp head is just as important as having a good guitar.
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Rock Out With The Best Pro Guitar Amps 2014

All guitarists need good, reliable amps for both practising and performance, which is why so many are on the lookout for the best pro guitar amps to get the best quality sound that will last a long time, for a reasonable amount of money. Because they’re so expensive, it’s [...]

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Cheapest Ipad Speaker Ever | Amplifiear

NonLinear Studio started a kickstarter  project in 2012 which led to $45,000 in funding to help develop a simple but effective invention. Amplifiear was created for the purpose of amplifying your iPad speaker, enabling you to increase volume up to 10 dB. The idea is that it clips on the [...]

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Vox amplug mini guitar Amp for headphones

I was looking for the smallest amplifier suitable for practising playing your electric guitar or bass guitar. The main problem you have is, you want to be quiet but just can’t hear the instrument. The Vox amPlug headphone guitar amplifier is about the size of your palm and takes AAA [...]

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Promethean P3115: One of the Best Bass Combo Amps

The price of Ibanez Promethean is around £339, which is a reasonable figure considering the features it has to offer. Despite its size, it is quite compact for a combo and very easy to take wherever you want.
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