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Wounded Paw Bass 701 Bass Amplifier Offers 700 Watts of Attitude

Wounded Paw Effects have released the Bass 701, a monster 700-watt bass amp made in Toronto. The amp can get quite filthy and would be right at home for doom, hard rock, blues or anything that requires a lot of attitude and personality. With the level of customisation available the amp is [...]

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Ibanez SR300E Bass Review

The Ibanez SR300E is a budget bass guitar suited to those who want a fast neck and value for money. It’s the latest update in the long-running SR series. The SR300E is very lightweight and easy to play. The fretboard is narrow and fast. It plays very similar to a guitar. It will [...]

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Best Bass Guitar Releases: Hard Rock Edition

Finding the best bass guitar for your requirements is not an easy task. There has already been a number of high profile releases so far in 2016. We’ll run through some of the most interesting developments in to help you keep on top of the best emerging products. Today we’ll focus [...]

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21 Best Rap Basslines

Rob Scallon does it again! In the past few posts we have been seeing various, very creative videos from him. It is now very clear that Rob is a very talented person who decided to give up on his day job just to make more videos. This time he has managed to play 21 best rap basslines. The [...]

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The Slick Looking Evo Redburst

Priced at £279, the EVO Redburst has a very eye catching design and is probably one of the most unique looking basses that you’d find in the market. The EVO features a body with a width of 40mm and has a high gloss look with a J styled neck that features 24 frets. The red plate in the middle [...]

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Selecting a Bass Guitar

When looking for a bass guitar, one has to keep certain things in mind, for example the cost, the kind of music you desire, and the performance you’re expecting. This article will provide guidelines on choosing the right bass guitar which fits perfectly for your needs and budget. Even a very [...]

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The Stash Stainless Bass Guitar Review

The Futurist Bass Guitar

Here is a bass guitar which is unique and one of its kind. The Stash Stainless Bass is custom made and manufactured by designer Stanislaw Potyrala in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It is made entirely of stainless steel featuring unified frets of a 34” scale (24 [...]

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