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TC Electronic Mimiq Mini Doubler pedal review

Not every James has his Kirk, and not every Slash has his Izzy. Some of us are riffing away on our lonesome, and like it that way. But what if you want to get the benefits of a two guitar sound without having to find a new band member? Here’s where TC Electronic’s Mimiq Mini [...]

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Jackson release USA Mick Thomson Soloist for Slipknot axeman

Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson was an Ibanez man for 13 years, but last year he jumped ship to Jackson. Now the company have released a signature guitar for the masked maniac, the USA Signature Limited Edition Mick Thomson Soloist. The new model was showcased by Jackson at NAMM over the [...]

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NAMM: Fender American Professional Series launches with 16 models

Last week we covered the new Squier Offset series, but now there’s even bigger news coming from the Fender camp. The company is launching the new flagship Fender American Professional Series at NAMM next Thursday. The electric and bass guitar range has a whopping 16 models, so [...]

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Hear new American-made Charvel USA Select series in action

Charvel just launched its American-made flagship line, the USA Select series, which you can hear in the video below. Charvel is famous for popularising the superstrat, so naturally the company got L.A. metal guitarist Frankie Lindia to demo the new axes. He gets his ’80s boogie on and [...]

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Kirk Hammett shreds on new limited edition LTD KH-Nosferatu guitar

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and ESP are releasing the limited edition LTD KH-Nosferatu, which is a single pick-up beast. You can hear Hammett shred on a horror-themed promo with the guitar on the video below. ESP initially offered a run of 13 guitars last year, and now they are making 300 [...]

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A Work of Art: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro

Les Paul guitars are known for their solid build, smooth action, crunchy lows, dynamic harmonics, and wide options in tonal qualities. At a midrange price point, the Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro has several unique features that offer the versatility and power nearly equal to its Gibson [...]

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Rock Out with Alice Cooper’s Fretlight FG-521 Guitar

Want to learn how to play a guitar?

Lately I have been getting quite some requests to review one of these Fretlight guitars. I had already heard about them, so finally decided to give their Alice Cooper model, the Fretlight FG-521 a go. Learning a guitar and playing it seems quite simple [...]

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A Guitar for Metal heads! The BC Rich Mockingbird ST TR

Reasonably Priced High Gain Guitar

Priced at £516, the Mockingbird ST TR is from the new line of B.C. Rich guitars. It was made in Korea in the year 2007 and compared to its price tag the guitar comes with pretty good features.

The BC Rich Mockingbird ST TR guitar features a [...]

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