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Best clip-on guitar tuner guide: Snark vs Korg, Ibanez and Crossfire

A good budget clip-on tuner is a quick and easy way to get your guitar ready to play. However there’s quite a bit of junk on the market. We’ve rounded up a selection of the popular choices and sorted the best from the rest to save you time. Our contenders are: Korg Pitchclip ($16 [...]

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Ibanez release Steve Vai Passion and Warfare limited edition Universe guitars

In September 1990 Steve Vai released his most enduring album, Passion and Warfare. Countless wannabe shredders have since tried to master “For the Love of God”, both on real guitars and on Guitar Hero. Ibanez have released three limited edition Passion and Warfare Universe [...]

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New Ibanez Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged guitar line

Ibanez is offering six new Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged guitars. The guitars are priced at two levels: $599.99 RRP for solid thermo aged top models and $899.99 for guitars that also feature a thermo aged back. They will be available from September. The available styles are dreadnought, grand [...]

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Ibanez SR300E Bass Review

The Ibanez SR300E is a budget bass guitar suited to those who want a fast neck and value for money. It’s the latest update in the long-running SR series. The SR300E is very lightweight and easy to play. The fretboard is narrow and fast. It plays very similar to a guitar. It will [...]

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Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini Review

The Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini (TS Mini) is the latest release of the popular Tube Screamer guitar pedal. The original Tube Screamer is an iconic overdrive pedal that was popularized by Stevie Ray Vaughan and other notable guitarists. The overdriven sounds of the [...]

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Ibanez EW20ASE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Learn to Play Guitar While Looking Good

Some things to watch out for when choosing a guitar is its versatility, durability, and user-friendliness, as well as its ability to tune, and the Ibanez EW20ASE Exotic Wood Figured Ash Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a great guitar for beginners [...]

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Checking Out The Best Guitars for Beginners

Almost anyone who wants to play an instrument at least looks at the best guitars for beginners. With rock stars out there like Alex Lifeson and Bon Jovi, it’s no surprise that the guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn for music novices. Being an incredibly versatile [...]

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Promethean P3115: One of the Best Bass Combo Amps

The price of Ibanez Promethean is around £339, which is a reasonable figure considering the features it has to offer. Despite its size, it is quite compact for a combo and very easy to take wherever you want.
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