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BM-800 Professional Studio Condenser Microphone Review

Recording gear in the age of the home studio has become more affordable than ever. But with this affordability, it’s become nearly impossible to navigate the endless labyrinth of options. Without being an expert, picking out the right microphone can eat up your entire afternoon. [...]

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AEA N22 Ribbon Microphone Review

Recording singer-songwriters is as much a science as it is an art and choosing the correct microphone can really make all the difference. Anyone who has tried to record an acoustic guitar with a standard dynamic microphone like the workhorse Shure SM57 can tell you that it fails to capture [...]

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ZOOM TAC-2R Thunderbolt Audio Converter

Do you play guitar and have vocals coming in at the same time? Do you need to record them together in perfect sync? Usually, perfect sync is hard to achieve but one can get the minimum delay. Most of the low latency recording devices come at a high cost and the cheap ones use cheap, slow [...]

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4 Top Quality Studio Condenser Mics

4 Top quality studio condenser mics that will give that natural feel to your audio recordings; they are the mics that some well known professionals use today.
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A Good Rap Vocal Mic: The M-Audio Sputnik

Looking for a dynamic mic for rapping?

Considered a good rap vocal mic, the M-Audio Sputnik is a Large Diaphragm Condenser (LDC) microphone. It is considered 100% more expensive than an average stereo mic, but the dynamics it has to offer makes it worth it.

The ever so hyped [...]

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AKG’s Mid Range Microphone – The C214

The AKG C214 is quite an attractive, vintage looking mid range microphone. Designed as a cost-effective alternative to the high-end C414.
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Vintage Sounding Microphone – Avantone CV12

Avantone microphones are considered to have a very durable feeling. The Avantone CV 12 is a tube mic which is modestly priced considering all that it has to offer. Often compared to the vintage tube vocal microphones, the warmth and versatility of this mic is unparalleled to any other in its [...]
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Sterling Audio ST51 Condenser Mic

The Sterling Audio ST51 is a solidly built mic with a black nickel plated, all brass body and a metalized front. Instead of the 3 micron material found in the ST66, ST59 and ST55, the ST51 uses a 6 micron diaphragm. It does not seem to be another variation of Groove Tubes model, as most [...]
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