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Jimmy Chamberlain sells drums from classic Smashing Pumpkins LPs

Wouldn’t you love to own the equipment your favourite artist used 20 years ago in a huge concert? I believe, we all would hop in to get our hands on it. Surprisingly, Jimmy Chamberlain fans are in for a sweet treat. The Smashing Pumpkins original drummer is all set to sell his gear to [...]

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Yamaha Gigmaker Drumkit – The Beginners’ Choice

Impressive Kit for a Bargain Price

Yamaha’s series of entry level drum kits are renowned as the ‘Gigmaker’. They are sold in five different shades; silver, burgundy, black, ice blue and grape green which are all exclusive to the Yamaha Gigmaker. The precise details include built quality of [...]

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Instrument Review: Yamaha FG700S

The legacy of Yamaha’s guitars begins from the Yamaha FG series. They are the most selling acoustic guitars of all time. Over 40 years, they have gained the reputation of not disappointing any of its users. Yamaha FG700S is made in China. It is a reasonably priced guitar, ideal for beginners. [...]
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Yamaha CPX1200II is one of the Best Acoustic Guitars

Great Tone, Great Looks – High priced but well worth the title ‘best acoustic guitar’

Yamaha CPX1200II is one of those choices that extremely passionate and specific musicians make. Priced at approximately £1,010, this is a very high end electro acoustic, but definitely amongst [...]

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Yamaha’s Best Classical Guitar, so far?

Looking for a Classical Sounding Electro Acoustic Guitar?

The best classical guitars always have a unique sound that players seek. Nylon String guitars tend to offer that touch. The Yamaha CX40 Electro Classical Guitar is the latest electro version of the classical Yamaha C40. [...]

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