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When chilling out, relaxing and playing your favourite computer game on console or PC, you want a decent experience. Here we have a selection of the best gaming headphones so you can listen to music and hear the SFX loud and clear in-game.

Advice when reading Gaming Headphones Reviews

It might be worth taking a slightly different approach if you like gaming because other bluetooth headphones might not have an in-built mic.

Generally, when your main source of lounging is gaming, the important part you need to watch out for is compatibility. Now the controllers have an audio input for direct connectivity via cable or wireless with Bluetooth. Dedicated consoles such as PS4 or Xbox One differ in requirements to PC.

Gaming headphones are needed when:

Usually these types of headphones are needed because they are designed to cope with in-game sounds. There are different settings, sometimes even dedicated software so your voice is clear in VOIP chats. Certain games have some sounds that help you get an advantage against other players.

  • Family and friends can’t deal with the loud noises
  • Competitive gaming where sound improves game play performance
  • Game streaming on YouTube to communicate with fan base

Mic for Gaming is Essential

A mic is essential so you can communicate online, a built-in one will usually be fine. However, an upgrade to a boom mic will improve audio quality, so if the option is there go for it! The Modmic wireless which is in the marvelous list below. That will allow you to turn your existing headphones into a gaming headset if you would prefer.

That’s it! Browsing through our compilation of the best gaming headphones reviews should help you on your journey!

Best Gaming Headphones Reviews

Antlion Audio have stepped up their game with the ModMic Wireless. It's easier than ever to turn your favourite set of headphones into a headset with the new design!
Simple to set-up
Cable-free design is a big improvement
Hardcase included
Audio quality doesn't match a dedicated mic of same cost
Durability could be better for the cost
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The Crossfade 2 Wireless is a high end headphone perfectly suited to gaming and listening both at home and out.
Great audio performance, particularly while wired
Strong passive isolation
Tough build and accessories
Included hardcase
Bass can get overwhelming in wireless mode
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For $100 price range, the Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma offers excellent gaming performance, lot of bass and lot of software support.
Visually appealing design
7.1 audio headset at very low price
Good quality microphone with high SNR
No distortion
Large drivers
Very comfortable to use
Braided cable that will last long
Very effective EQ
Software isn't perfect, requires you to re-calibrate surround sound
May not be comfortable for people with large heads
Too much bass bias, needs to be reduced through software EQ
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EAR FORCE Stealth 420X Gaming Headset stands out among a lot of other gaming headphones for being wireless and able to delivery excellent sound quality.
Light weight body
Comfortable ear cups with perforated foam
Soft headband foam for added comfort
Clear sounds
Audio notifications for every control is a plus
15 hour battery life and quick charging
Wireless works up to 30 feet
All plastic body
Lack of true surround sound
Charging cable is short
Mic can be accidentally pulled off while adjusting
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One of the good sounding gaming headsets that won't disappoint you, but there are other, better options to look at in this price range.
High impedance drivers
Flat audio response
No bass boosting
High sensitivity drivers
Unidirectional microphone pickup pattern that avoids background noise
Very comfortable and light weight
Build quality is good, but not the best for this price range
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There is no better headphone at this price point other than HyperX Cloud II that gives a stunning virtual 7.1 channel surround sound experience.
Solid construction quality
Super comfortable ear cups
Loud speaker drivers with 60 Ohm impedance
Natural sounds with no artificial boosting or attenuation
Very great performance vs price ratio
Cable is a little short unless you are using the USB sound card.
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More Gaming Gear!

Coming at only $159 from it is a great mobile gaming console which will not let you down and will keep you hooked up for hours to come.
Sturdy build
Powerful electronic hardware
High quality parts used for controls
Can run NDS and PSP games out of the box
Game streaming support
Huge 6000mAh battery
Game streaming may have intermittent glitches
No bluetooth
Lid hinges are tight and cause squeaking noise
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Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum cover
The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum does everything a perfect mouse should do. It's highly customisable, it looks good, works flawlessly and it is durable.
Good ergonomics
Highly customisable
Feels comfortable while using
Plenty of programmable inputs
Variable sensitivity adjustment
Durable cable
Appealing design
Software interface is very effective for tuning
Teflon stands may wear off
Scroll wheel too sensitive
Cable may feel too heavy
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The Audioengine A2+ is a compact desktop speaker with a flat audio response. A sub-woofer is recommended for a powerful bass.
Compact and small desktop speakers
Flat audio response
High quality parts
Pricey for a desktop speaker
Not audiophile quality
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Antlion Audio have made a good product even better with the inclusion of the XLR Power Converter package.
XLR converter makes using an audio interface with a headphone mic easy
Well-priced for the quality and feature set
Modular design is smart and adaptable
Magnets make it easy to take boom mic off when not in use
Audio is fair but not great for a $69.95 mic
Quite a few parts to get your head around before you can use it
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