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Best Portable Speakers Reviews (Indoor & Outdoor)

Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker header
Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker header
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There are lots of different speakers out there, some are portable as they claim to be and some are not. It really depends on your ‘definition’ of portable as some of our reviewers were describing devices as more like ‘luggage’. So yes it is one of those overused words. Being bigger and less portable is ideally compensated in sound quality. For example, the Bose Revolve + is more like a Lantern and weighs more. It does have 360 degree sound though! The Jam Hang Around can just fit in your pocket. But it won’t pump out as much volume due to its smaller size. If you haven’t got a clue about portable Bluetooth speakers, it is suggested you read our Choosing the Best Bluetooth Speakers Guide first. Otherwise you can get stuck in straight away..

We started receiving a lot of review requests from Chinese manufacturers. Dust and Waterproof testing became the normal thing to do as we don’t trust everything that’s written on the label. Watching a portable Bluetooth speaker being submerged is very satisfying. We haven’t yet come across anything that has failed its own instructions.. Although it probably will happen one day!

Have a click-through and read one of our many portable speaker reviews or cut to the chase and use your inner intuition.

Most Portable Bluetooth Speakers Reviews

UE Megaboom best Wireless speaker review header
The UE Megaboom is an great-sounding, tough wirelesss speaker well suited to home and garden use.Read full review
Not very portable
Punchy, balanced audio
IPX7 waterproofing
Tough build
360 audio
V-MODA Remix wireless speaker headphone amp
The V-MODA Remix is a great package that combines a powerful, compact wireless speaker and an easy-to-use headphone amp.Read full review
The price tag is only justified if you're gonna use the headphone amp
Headphone amp is bare-bones
Packs a big punch for its size
Classy, customisable looks
Save money compared to buying dedicated headphone amp
Pleasant tactile experience
Quality accessories
The Poweradd Music Fly combines strength, bass and power in a sleek and appealing design - at a fantastic price. Read full review
Quite distorted at high volumes.
Slight pairing issues.
Very loud.
Drop Proof.
Charge your products on the go.
Call and receive function.
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Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker header
The Soundlink Micro, while not perfect, is an excellent release which ticks a lot of boxes as a highly portable sports speaker. Read full review
Bass push won't suit every style
Battery life isn't great
Super portable
Packs a punch for its size
IPX7 waterproofing
Tough build
Jam Hang Around Bluetooth speaker sports speaker review header
The Jam Hang Around Bluetooth speaker offers great value with its solid audio performance and water/dust-proof design. Read full review
Speaker distorts at higher volumes
Bass is loud but not thick
Excellent value
Big sound for a small speaker
Works well together when paired
IP67 water and dirt-proof rating
Light and portable
MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker rope
The MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker is a great deal at $40. The IP5X waterproof rating, tough build and light weight make it a real contender as a budget sports Bluetooth speaker. Read full review
Bass mode produces flubby results
IP5X waterproof and dustproof
Powerbank for charging other designs
Built tough
Sounds good for a range of music styles
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Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus header
The Bose Soundlink Revolve+ is a pricey wireless speaker that's tough, water-resistant and provides bass-driven sound. Read full review
Steep price
Audio profile not suited to all styles
360 degree sound
16 hour battery life
Dual speaker mode works well
Survives rough treatment
House of Marley No Bounds review two speakers
House of Marley present a real pocket rocket with the No Bounds portable Bluetooth speaker! The pocket-sized speaker is water proof, dust-proof and floats.Read full review
Recessed mid EQ not great for guitar-based music
Big sound for little speaker
Speaker pairing function
Water and dust-proof (IP67)
House of Marley No Bounds Sport side pair
The House of Marley No Bounds Sport is a great Bluetooth speaker for the outdoors, and it also does a good job around the house. Read full review
Distorts at upper volume levels
Track change buttons look like volume controls
IP67 water and dust-proofing
Good size for portable and home use
360 degree sound
House of Marley Get Together Mini Bluetooth speaker header
The House of Marley Get Together Mini is a bass-focused, fun sounding speaker that's great for use around the house. Read full review
Heavy chassis
Bass is too much for some styles
Unique looks
Phat bass
USB out for charging devices
Auxiliary in option
Overall the Zero Chill is a good competitor in the sub-$100 sports speaker market, particularly if you're going for a simple, no-frills design.Read full review
Treble boost will be too much for some listeners
Short cables
High-level water and dust-proofing
Eye-catching, lightweight design
Priced competitively
Dual speaker pairing functionality
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