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FiiO M7 Side Controls
FiiO M7 Side Controls

Over time, here at SoundReview we’ve explored a whole range of different cool tech products. It’s about time to surface them all so you can find the most interesting gizmos that have been reviewed. Personally, if it were me I would be particularly drawn to the Audio Technica ATH-ANC700BT. It looks awesome and would be great for travelling in comfort. At home coupled with the Modmic 5.0, that’s also sweet computer setup as well for Discord or Skype voice calls.

The Fiio M7 is a super simple high quality music player for listening to music on the go. No messing about, it does the job its supposed to but for more professional applications such as music for live performances, I would cash out more.

That’s my two cents, check out the whole list of cool tech reviews and see what takes your interest. Alternatively if you like the look of the No Bounds Speaker from House of Marley, then had over to the Best Portable Speakers Reviews.

Cool Tech Selection

Archeer Wireless Microphone karaoke mic
The Archeer Wireless Microphone System is a great, affordable set-up for karaoke and public address requirements.
Competitive pricing
Fairly tough build
Good sound quality
Simple to set up
Sibilance can be an issue
Need to provide own cable for backing music connection
Modmic 5 headset mic
The Antlion Audio ModMic 5.0 is a much refined boom microphone-addon which will fit on just about any microphone-less headphones out in the market and deliver crystal clear audio on your calls and recordings.
Modular design
Improved cable management allows quick detachment
Two different microphones to switch between
Sturdier mic boom
Good sensitivity
Hissing noise on the omnidirectional microphone
Flat mic boom hard to twist
Cable could be thicker
Slightly on the pricier side
V-MODA Forza Metallo in-ear headphones review
The V-MODA Forza Metallo may just be the best neckband headphones on the market, with their crisp sound and intelligent design.
Detailed, hi-fi sound
Smart looks
Plenty of eartip options
Sweat and water resistant
Hard case would have been nice at this price point
Cables leading to ears are too long
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Beelink GT1 Ultimate
This Android TV box takes the crowning glory of the most powerful unit on the market but it does seem to have some stability issues. So long as you try to stick to the apps available within Beelink's own app-store, you should be ok. If you're used to Android TV boxes and know a thing or two about the Android OS then you'll be in the best position to get the most out of this high-spec box.
Top-spec TV box that can theoretically handle almost anything you throw at it
Lots of memory, quick processor, handles all media, 4k video output, tons of connections..the list goes on!
Clean, bloat-free and easy-to-use interface
Pretty cheap for what it is
QODI (Beelink's version of Kodi) worked well
Some instability in system apps like Settings
Kodi doesn't seem to work well when downloaded directly from Google Play
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The FiiO M7 Portable Music Player
In the M7, FiiO has created a digital music player which bridges a gap between audiophiles and consumer listeners. So long as you have decent headphones, the difference in audio quality is profound, regardless of whether you're using a wired connection or Bluetooth. With stellar battery life and a slick build and interface, this digital music player is certainly not a toy - it's built to last.
Android OS is familiar and easy-to-use
Covers bases for consumers and audio enthusiasts
Easy to transfer and scan music
Great battery life
No ability to download Android apps (e.g. Spotify) for streaming
Might be a bit pricey once you add the cost of a high-capacity Micro SD (though these are coming down in price all the time)
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House of Marley No Bounds review two speakers
House of Marley present a real pocket rocket with the No Bounds portable Bluetooth speaker! The pocket-sized speaker is water proof, dust-proof and floats.
Big sound for little speaker
Speaker pairing function
Water and dust-proof (IP67)
Recessed mid EQ not great for guitar-based music
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