Apple Watch 2 goes on a health kick & Pokemon Go integration added

Apple Watch 2 launch Pokemon Go Plus
Apple Watch 2 launch Pokemon Go Plus

Pokefans are in for a delightful treat with Pokemon Go finally coming to Apple Watch later this month. The announcement came straight from California where the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is taking place.

The Apple Watch 2 brought a lot of improvement over the previous design which deserves a round of applause. As a result, the heightened user experience makes this device worth every penny.

Apple Watch 2 features waterproof design

You won’t need to remove the Apple Watch 2 while taking a swim because of its completely waterproof design. In fact, it can withstand water down a depth of 50 meters, which is good enough for most swimmers. According to Apple, producing a waterproof speaker was the most challenging task during the design process. Reportedly, making the speakers repel water was the key to a waterproof design. Counting your own laps while swimming has become a reality with the Apple Watch 2.

Nike collaboration results in sweat-free wristbands

Wearing something on the wrist during a sweaty workout can be a big menace. Sweat under the wrist band feels sticky and causes skin irritation in that region. To tackle this issue, Apple partnered with Nike to make an airy wrist band design. It is a simple solution, with a lot of holes to allow free flow of air that prevents sweat from being trapped underneath.

Fitness fans win with accurate calorie burn measurements

Gym junkies will find the Apple Watch 2 very useful because of all the cool fitness-focused apps. Accurately measuring the total calorie burn during a workout is a very difficult task, let alone measuring calorie burn during swimming exercises. Nonetheless, nothing is truly impossible. If we have enough data to play with, we can find patterns and correlate the sensor measurements. Apple has done exactly that on the Apple Watch 2 and the results show remarkably accurate calorie burn measurements.

Apple Watch 2 features embedded GPS

Apple Watch 2 launch Pokemon Go Plus Nike
The Apple Watch 2.

Marathon runners often need to look back at their instantaneous speeds various spots along the route they ran on. Doing so with the Apple Watch 1 was not really straightforward since it needed to be tethered to an iPhone for the GPS. In the untethered mode, it used the embedded IMU unit to track the motion and calculate speed. The Apple Watch 2 comes with an embedded GPS having a fast lock time resulting in a more accurate running speed.

The addition of the GPS also opened up an avenue for a map application on the Apple Watch 2. ViewRanger, a new hiking app coming with the Apple Watch 2, utilises the embedded GPS. As a result it can providing directions while hiking to prevent you from losing yourself in the wild. The watch battery life is only 18 hours, so ViewRanger won’t be good enough if you hike for days at a time.

Pokemon Go debuts on Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2 launch Pokemon Go Plus device
Pokemon Go Plus.

With the inclusion of GPS, there remains no hurdle for Pokemon Go from coming to the Apple Watch 2. Pokemon Go Plus, a tiny little wearable device that has been a subject of conversation among Pokemon Go fans, consists of Bluetooth and GPS. It alerts the user of Pokemon present around you so you do not need to keep staring at the phone the entire time.

The Apple Watch version of Pokemon Go will consist of identical functionality with an additional ability to allow players to interact with Pokestops in your vicinity. Niantic has announced that Pokemon Go Plus will be available in “most countries” starting September 16th while the watch-specific Pokemon Go app will come later in the month.

Apple beefs up processor with 50% faster performance

Apple Watch 2 launch Pokemon Go Plus designs
Some of the available Apple Watch 2 designs.

The Apple Watch 2 will come with a S2 dual core processor, which has 50% faster performance than its predecessor. The S2 processor is massive as it contains CPU, GPU, RAM, motion sensors, wireless radio and storage all on a single chip. The GPU is expected to have a 2x performance in comparison to the S1, resulting in a more responsive UI.

Apple has not changed the screen resolution. However, the screen on the Apple Watch 2 comes with 2x brightness, resulting in better readability in sunlight.

WatchOS 3 is another area where improvement has been taken place. It will be released on September 13 for the Apple Watch 1. The WatchOS 3 comes with a feature that loads 10 dock apps in the background resulting in a quicker app launch. Furthermore, the SOS functionality will now allow emergency calls to be made from the Apple Watch 2.

Plenty to love about the new Apple Watch

Apple Watch 2 launch Pokemon Go Plus waterproof.
The Apple Watch 2 in action.

To sum it up, Apple Watch 2 brings a lot of features that any fitness freak would welcome with open arms. Accurate calorie tracking and the embedded GPS are the two major additions that make the Apple Watch 2 a nearly perfect smart watch. Like any other Apple device, you will have to shell out a premium to own this device. It will be available later this month for $369, a price that is a little higher than its elder brother.

See our coverage of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7, which was launched the same day as the Apple Watch 2. The smartphone controversially killed off the 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of the Lightning jack.

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