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Behringer Ms16 Computer Speakers/Monitors

Behringer Ms16 Computer Speakers/Monitors

by 2014/03/14


Product Name

MS 16


powerful, cheap and standard speakers suitable for multiple uses.


quiet hum, isn't magnetically shielded from mobile phones.

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I came across the Behringer MS16 which are designed for use as monitor speakers but I also found that they are quite good for use as computer speakers. The lower frequency response is 80 Hz, this isn’t too great – I’ve been listening to music and if you turn it up the bass is not what I would call booming, however it is a monitoring speaker so technically you wouldn’t want it too bassy. Unlike other speakers it is not audio enhancing so it does not make music from your computer’s sound any better than it does on your average Joe’s PC. You’ll see reviews from buyers who complained ‘i cant use these speakers at all as the reading they give is so very wrong’ but after being an owner of the speakers I would say in reply to that, it seems you are used to speakers for the listening, not monitoring which requires no effects. Of course there are two knobs that you can adjust the bass and treble if you need to; this is useful if you are using these as computer speakers because it can help improve your listening experience. It also has a direct microphone input and headphone input, the microphone input lets you mix vocals with a stereo track. The Behringer website states that you could even plug your Electric guitar into the microphone input and then plug in your headphones and play in privacy. Haven’t tried that so I can’t really comment on what it’s like. So far the speakers are quite appealing, with 16 W of power they are quite small and easy to transport if need be. You can’t really complain, at 60 quid this is a steal, especially since there’s a three year warranty so even if it did break you’re covered. One of the things I would point out is that on the Behringer website it says ‘Magnetically shielded for placement near computer monitors’, so how come when every time someone walks past their mobile interferes with the speaker? Not good enough Behringer! You can’t advertise a feature that it doesn’t have!

Overall I’m impressed with value for money, it’s good, verging fantastic. It might be fantastic if they didn’t lie about how it’s magnetically shielded, however I do believe it is genuinely a great multimedia speaker which has more than one use. They do leave a quiet hum, but if you forget to turn them off I can vouch that it is easy to sleep over so it’s not really a problem.


  • Two high-power amplifiers drive the 4" woofers and the high-resolution tweeters
  • Front-mounted volume control
  • Individual bass and treble controls
  • Two stereo line inputs (RCA and 1/8 "TRS) allow simultaneous use of two stereo sources
  • 6.35mm (1/4") TRS microphone input lets you mix vocals with a stereo track
  • Depth external - 241mm
  • Frequency response lower limit - 80Hz
  • Frequency response upper limit - 20kHz
  • Length / Height external - 140mm
  • Voltage supply - 240V
  • Width external - 150mm

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Johnny is the manager of SoundReview but also writes himself occasionally. Away from the keyboard he likes to keep fit at the gym to balance out the daily toll of vigorous computing.
  • Phil
    2015/05/04 at 2:17 pm

    Nice review but the issue re. magnetic shielding is incorrect. Magnetic shielding is to stop the magnets in the speaker distorting the display on old-style CRT screens (the electron beam is deflected by magnetic fields). Mobile phones emit radio waves so a completely different type of shielding is required. Behringer do not claim the speakers have radio (RF) shielding.

    • 2015/05/04 at 5:13 pm

      Thanks Phil, wrote this last year but thanks for telling me, crossed out that bit. Shame noone else seemed to notice until now :/

      • Phil
        2015/05/07 at 3:52 pm

        No worries Johnny, I’d just recommended them to a friend so thanks for amending the review. You made a good point about mobile interference though – there are probably more people with mobile phones nowadays than CRT screens so really the vendors *should* be concentrating on rf shielding!

        • 2015/05/09 at 3:57 pm

          It’s a big problem, I don’t know why it isn’t a focus, maybe cost? Something to research upon I suppose.

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