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Bungie banhammer “Cheaters Beware” with Destiny update

Bungie banhammer “Cheaters Beware” with Destiny update

by Salil Tembe2016/11/20

Hackers and cheaters are the worst nightmare, enough to ruin a gamer’s day for good. The ever growing number of DDoS attacks on the players who play the Destiny’s Trials of Osiris game mode have made things ugly. What is ridiculous is that there has been no serious action against the perpetrators until now. A recent update from Bungie, the company that developed the Destiny game, tells us that there will be a “console ban” put in place against such bad actors.

DDoS attacks frustrate the community

The Trials of Osiris is a very competitive mode where the match progresses on basis of elimination. Two teams of three players fight against each other and if you happen to die you cannot respawn. The only way get back into the match is if someone on your team revives you. Furthermore, the game works on the principle of peer to peer connection. That means, there is no server that you have to connect to. That way, every player can possibly have a peek at the IP addresses of the players in the match (if they know how to).

Destiny Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris

Using some clever techniques, the bad players seem to be identifying the IP addresses of the players on the opposite team to then launch a denial of service attack on them. The DDoS attack causes target’s the internet bandwidth to clog up and the player appears to be frozen in one place making him an easy target to kill.

This quote straight from the Reddit thread makes it sufficiently clear for us,

“So many good players that could make it to the lighthouse are blocked by red-bars, message spammers, and DDoS-ers. “

Launching a DDoS attack on someone is a crime by law and these bad actors deserve to “lose their rights to freedom for a while” as DrNO811 expresses on the Reddit thread.

Spammers use special tactics to distract players

After going through the Destiny game Reddit threads, we find the cheaters using another tactic to obscure the opponent’s screen. You can receive messages from the PSN and the notifications pop up on the top left side. By sending messages to someone fast enough you can effectively block a part of their screen. Correspondingly, a Reddit user dorrisx experienced a spam attack and this is what he has to say,

“It said “fuck you” along with some link to a site that spams PSN accounts. They do this to block your radar in-game. “

Reporting such users often results in Bungie swinging the ban hammer on the spammers, but that has not been sufficient to prevent this from happening again and again. The cheaters are clever and they resort to a secondary PSN account for this sort of spamming meanwhile, their main gaming account remains intact. Bungie says that it does not want to presume someone as a cheater without obtaining sufficient proof.

Destiny developer gets tough on players with new rules

Destiny game

Destiny Mountain Top

The new rules put in place by the Destiny game developer, Bungie will start banning people involved in suspicious activities. For example, players with modified console firmware and hacking tools running alongside the game will be affected. The cheaters will be initially getting restrictions on their account which prevent them from accessing services and games. Such restrictions will expire after a specified time. A series of warnings and restrictions will result in a ban and there is no coming back from there. We are not talking about a soft ban but a console ban which means that you may not be able to access any of Bungie’s games without buying a new console for yourself.

“There are no options to dispute or overturn account restrictions or bans” as said by a representative from Bungie.

In continuation,

“Permanent account bans are only implemented with rigorous checking to ensure that the innocent are not punished alongside the guilty”.

Destiny is not the only multiplayer game out there. Call of Duty, Battlefield and several other games are widely played but we rarely hear about a DDoS attack on the players. This is mainly because these games use dedicated servers. Players connect to the server thereby keeping the their IP secret from others. It becomes clear that if Bungie wants to eradicate the cheaters, they should resort to a dedicated server. That is not just me who feels that way, disgustipated675 and many others also share a similar view,

“There’s nothing bungie can do short of switching to dedicated servers”

PSX 2016, a likely place for Destiny 2 announcement

A statement from Bungie’s David Dague says, “The week after, we’ll be packing our bags for Anaheim, CA,”. Now, if you have been tracking PlayStation news you will know that Anaheim is where the Sony’s annual event – PlayStation Experience is taking place. From what we know, there will be a sequel to Destiny as announced by Bungie and Activision. What we don’t know is whether Destiny 2 will be announced at the PlayStation Experience event. Last time when Bungie announced their attendance at the event, they came up with Sparrow Racing League. It will be a mystery until then.

If you can’t wait and wish to attend the PSX 2016, tickets are available here.

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