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PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S: Pre-order battle begins on Amazon

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S: Pre-order battle begins on Amazon

by Salil Tembe2016/09/10

Sony just started taking pre-orders for their new console called the PlayStation 4 Pro. They are hopeful that the launch will place them in a leading position in the war of consoles. PlayStation sales have stagnated ever since the Xbox One S was launched two months ago. It’s the first time since October 2015 that PS4 numbers have trailed those of Xbox.

Two new offerings from Sony include the new PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro. The Slim will become the new “standard” to replace the original PlayStation 4 whereas the PlayStation 4 Pro will lead the battle against Xbox One S. A comparison between the PS4 Slim and the original PlayStation 4 reveals no performance upgrade; however, you will find a reduction in the form factor and power consumption. If we take a look at the PlayStation 4 Pro, we know it will be able to deliver 4K gaming experience just like the Xbox One S.

Forward compatibility may cost money

To clarify, the 4K experience while gaming will be a result of up-sampled 1080p rendering. It is entirely up to the developers whether to offer better 1080p gaming experience or an up-sampled 4K HDR experience. Similarly, the 4K HDR upgrade might cost money if the third party publishers decides to do so. “Forward compatibility” will allow all PS4 games to run flawlessly on the PS4 Pro.

Playstation Pro Console with Controller

The new Playstation 4 Pro console.

Sony showed footage of Spider-Man, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and For Honor that would be having native 4K support at the time of launch. In addition to that, previously released games such as Paragon and Shadow of Mordor were also shown to be available with 4K enhancement. There will be at least 6 first party titles with 4K HDR support at time of PS4 Pro’s launch.

Missing 4K Blu-Ray is a shocker

It will be impossible to watch UHD Blu-Ray on the PlayStation 4 Pro due to lack of support. In a statement given by Andrew House he states,

“Our feeling is that while physical media continues to be a big part of the games business, we see a trend on video towards streaming”.

Perhaps, the industry seems to be on a mission to eliminate conventional media, if you want to know what I mean; look what Apple did to the 3.5 mm jack! On the contrary, the UHD Blu-Ray support on Xbox One S makes it a perfect home entertainment box. Certainly, the lack of 4K Blu-Ray on the PlayStation 4 Pro was a shocker to many. Nevertheless, Sony has promised YouTube and Netflix apps to enable 4K content streaming. Thinking along those lines, what good are those apps when all UHDTVs have their own apps embedded in them?

Xbox One S console

The smaller Xbox one S.

Both, the Xbox One S and the PlayStation 4 Pro come with HDMI 2.0 which is mandatory to support 4K video + HDR output. HDR stands for high dynamic range which offers rich colours, good contrast and some dramatic visual effects. Even if these consoles come with HDR, it is necessary for you to have a TV that supports it or else you won’t be able to see the difference. Additionally, the game developers also need to add support for the same purpose.

Not a major hardware upgrade

We find no striking difference other than the lack of UHD Blu-Ray hardware when comparing the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One S. Both come with the 8GB of RAM and AMD’s 8 core Jaguar processor based on the Polaris architecture. PlayStation 4 Pro will only ship with a 1TB hard drive while the Xbox One S gives you the options of choosing 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. The PS4 Pro will be available for $400 starting November 10 whereas the PlayStation 4 Slim will come for $300 starting September 15.

So, Xbox One vs PS4? If you already own one, you are better off waiting a little longer. The year 2017 will see much higher spec’d gaming consoles for example, the Xbox Scorpio. Although there is no information about a PlayStation 5, we do expect something from Sony to compete against the Scorpio. It will be interesting to see how the battle of the consoles continue.

Don’t forget, if you would like to pre-order a PS4 with Amazon Prime, the “Slim” is selling for $299 with Uncharted 4, whereas the 1TB “Pro” is an extra $100. It’s worth noting that Microsoft are offering an extra 1TB of space with the Xbox One S 2TB Launch Edition for the same price as the PlayStation Pro.

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