Xbox One S 2TB model sells out, 1TB and 500GB bundles due Aug 23

Xbox one s 2tb edition, 1tb 500gb Gears of War Madden Halo
Xbox one s 2tb 1tb 500gb Gears of War Madden Halo

If you want to pick up the Xbox One S 2TB version, you better act quickly. The 2TB launch console is a limited edition release and Microsoft won’t be manufacturing more.

Microsoft announced recently that the console is sold out worldwide. This means that the tech giant has dispatched all their available consoles to stores. It’s currently still in stock online (US, UK), although on Amazon UK the price is rather high at £495. You may also still be able to find it on shelves. It seems likely this shortage in supply is a marketing move from Xbox. Adding extra hard drives or dicking around with storage is definitely a hassle.

Gears of War 4 2TB Xbox One S lands in October

Xbox one s 2tb 1tb 500gb Gears of War 4 bundle
The Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Bundle.

There is another 2TB console release on the horizon: The Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Bundle. The gnarly looking blood red console will set you back $450, which is $50 more than the launch version. It’s due out on October 7 and is available for preorder on Amazon. Considering the bundle doesn’t even include a physical copy of Gears of War 4, the premium pricing is a bit cheeky.

Madden and Halo 1TB, 500GB bundles due on August 23

Xbox one s 2tb 1tb 500gb Halo 5 bundle
The Xbox One S Halo Collection bundle.

Microsoft confirmed the first Xbox One S 1TB and 500GB bundles will be released on August 23. They are the Madden NFL 17 bundle and the Halo Collection bundle. The former ships with a 1TB console while the latter is available in both 1TB and 500GB, according to the official Xbox Wire. However on Amazon only the 500GB Halo bundle is visible on the site. Xbox Wire also advised that only limited amounts of the Halo 1TB bundle will be available in the US.

The Madden bundle will cost $349 USD / $449 CAD. The Halo bundle will cost $349 USD for the 1TB version or $299 USD for the 500GB version.

The Madden NFL 17 bundle features a digital download of the game. Only Gamestop buyers will get their hands on a physical edition. The Halo bundle features a physical copy of Halo 5: Guardians but digital version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

EA teases FIFA 17 bundle

EA Sports has indicated an Xbox One S FIFA 17 bundle is coming by releasing a teaser image of the bundle featuring cover star Marcus Reus. There’s no word on dates yet however.

If you want a 1TB and 500GB version, hopefully you like one of the above games as that’s all Microsoft are offering at the moment in terms of console release editions. The bundle information is for US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand buyers. Microsoft are yet to announce the bundle details in other territories.

Xbox One S Kinect adapter arrives on September 7

Xbox one s 2tb 1tb 500gb kinnect
The somewhat ridiculous lengths required to run a Kinect with the Xbox One S.

Xbox One S is an upgrade on the Xbox one in many ways. It’s smaller, can be placed upright, has 4K video and High Dynamic Range technology. However one aspect they left out is the Kinect. It may have been widely panned but it was useful for voice commands.

Amazon have now revealed a September 7 release date for the $40 Xbox One S Kinect adapter. The site initially used a placeholder date of August 31. The fact they’ve updated it suggests it now reflects the actual release date.

If you already have an Xbox One and Kinect, Microsoft will send you an Xbox One S Kinect cable for free. They are only offering the freebie for a limited time.

If you aren’t interested in raft of updates that Microsoft brought to the new console, it’s a good time to pick up the old version. The prices on the Xbox One has dropped to $272 (1TB) and $240 (500GB). The Xbox One S is admittedly a bit of an odd release, coming shoehorned in between a similar existing product and the upcoming Xbox Scorpio. The latter is due in December 2017 and will be a massive upgrade with an 8 core CPU and true 4K gaming.

Xbox One outsells PS4 in July after trailing for months

The Xbox One outsold the PS4 in July, which is the first time it did so since last October. The sales bump occurred even before the Xbox One S release. Marketing head Aaron Greenberg said on Twitter the news was based on NPD Group sales data. The PS4 is still far ahead at 43.5 million overall sales. Xbox stopped reporting specific numbers but estimates are at roughly half the overall PS4 sales figure.


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