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House of Marley No Bounds Bluetooth Speaker Review

House of Marley No Bounds review two speakers
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House of Marley recently juiced up their Bluetooth speaker line-up with the portable No Bounds models. Today we’re looking at the No Bounds speaker, which is the smallest in the line-up. The series also features the 360 degree sound No Bounds Sport and the larger No Bounds XL speakers. All three models are portable, water and dust-proof and buoyant. You can pick up the No Bounds portable Bluetooth speaker for $55 US (£39.99, $69 AUD).

Who is the House of Marley No Bounds for?

The No Bounds is seriously portable. It’s small and light enough to fit into your pocket. The included carabiner means it’s also easy to attach to a backpack. The speaker floats and is rated for IP67 water and dust-proofing. You get ten hours of battery life per charge and you can pair two speakers together for more volume and stereo sound.

It’s a natural fit for anyone who wants to run some tunes by the pool, at the beach or any location out of the house. However if you mostly wanted a speaker for use indoors, I’d be looking at a larger speaker first. The No Bounds packs a punch for its size but there’s only so much audio depth a speaker of this size can provide. The speaker dimensions are 11cm (W) x 5cm (D) and it weighs 280 grams.

Smiley face EQ

The speaker produces solid audio quality for the price. The bass and treble are noticeably brought forward, particularly the treble, whereas the mids are somewhat recessed. That makes the speaker’s EQ is a natural fit for pop, hip hop and EDM. If you’re a hard rock fanatic it might not be the best choice though, as some guitar-based music comes out too trebly due to the recessed mids.

Pump more volume with Bluetooth speaker pairing

House of Marley No Bounds on side
A pair of No Bounds speakers from the rear.

Two No Bounds Bluetooth speakers can be paired to create a bigger stereo sound. The included manual doesn’t explain the pairing process very well and it’s not immediately clear where to get a more in-depth manual online. I ended up working out how to pair the unit from a user comment on their website, so there’s definitely room for improvement there.

The speakers work together when paired and provide enough volume for a house party or barbeque. Although they aren’t gonna shake the walls like a good pair of larger stereo speakers, as there’s only so much bass response the smaller drivers can provide.

Water and dust-proof up to 1m

House of Marley No Bounds port
The No Bounds auxiliary and charging port.

The No Bounds speaker is rated for IP67 water and dust-proofing. This means it can be dropped in up to a 1m of water for 30 minutes and still keep ticking. The little beastie also floats, which is a very smart design choice. We gave the speaker a thorough water and dust test as you can see in the videos above, which it weathered without skipping a beat. Note that the volume dropped notably during the water test video, although the speaker returned to normal operation after it dried out.

Classy looks, good build

House of Marley No Bounds cables
The No Bounds with its included accessories.

House of Marley has produced a classy looking unit with the No Bounds Bluetooth speaker. Furthermore it’s a pleasant tactile experience to use and is made of silicone, cork and aluminium. I wouldn’t drive a truck over it but its pretty well built and should survive a bit of mistreatment. The only included accessories are the metal carabiner and 55cm charging cable (USB to micro-USB).

House of Marley present solid portable speaker

House of Marley No Bounds front
The No Bounds Bluetooth speaker.

House of Marley have served up a great option for listening to tunes out of the house or by the pool. The No Bounds Bluetooth speaker produces solid audio results, especially for fans of pop, hip hop and EDM. Given the driver size and price-range, there’s a limit to how much volume and depth you can get from the speaker. Pairing two No Bounds speakers can give you some more oomph though. With its light build, water-proofing and dust-proofing, it makes a good buy as a portable speaker.


  • 10-Hour Battery Life
  • Waterproof and Dust-Proof (IP67)
  • Speaker phone
  • Buoyant
  • Carabiner
  • Aux-in
  • Wireless Dual Speaker Pairing
  • Quick Charge
  • Charging Cable
House of Marley No Bounds review two speakers
House of Marley No Bounds Bluetooth Speaker Review
House of Marley present a real pocket rocket with the No Bounds portable Bluetooth speaker! The pocket-sized speaker is water proof, dust-proof and floats.
Worth it?
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Big sound for little speaker
Speaker pairing function
Water and dust-proof (IP67)
Recessed mid EQ not great for guitar-based music
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