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Jam Audio are relative newcomers in the audio market, but the US company are showing they can play with the big boys. Today we’re looking at their Hang Around speaker, which is quite an impressive little beastie. The Hang Around is a sports Bluetooth speaker with an IP67 water and dust-proof rating. For these features, the unit is very competitively priced at $50 USD (£59.99 GBP, $79 AUD). If you are looking for something more expensive, the Bose Revolve Plus review highlights the positives of having a larger bluetooth speaker.

Quick specs summary

Let’s have a look at the keys specs. The Hang Around Bluetooth speaker has 20 hours playtime, 30m Bluetooth range and is submersible to a depth of 1m for 30 minutes. It’s super light at 331g (0.73 lbs) and the dimensions are 7.09″ height, 3.15″ width and 1.97″ depth. To put that in real world terms, I can easily fit it into the pocket of my shorts and still comfortably walk around. It’s no lightweight when it comes to audio though. You can also pair two Hang Around speakers together for stereo sound.

Little speaker, big sound

Jam Hang Around Bluetooth speaker sports speaker review front
The Hang Around is a compact little unit.

The Hang Around speaker has a bigger sound that its size would suggest. The dual drivers and dual passive bass radiators pack quite a punch. Overall the speaker has a ‘fun’ response, with a clear smiley face EQ applied to the sound. It’s tuned quite well though, and both electronic and guitar-based music sounds good through the speaker.

Listening to Dua Lipa’s pop hit New Rules, the highs and lows are given a good push. This highlights the vocals heavily, as well as the bassline and drums. The mids are noticeably recessed. The bass is prominent although it doesn’t sound 100% full. The reality is, there are physical limitations to the kind of response a speaker of this size can produce. Jam Audio have done a great job of presenting a solid performer nonetheless.

Satisfying stereo sound with pairing

My favourite application for the Hang Around is pairing two of the speakers together. The overall result is very full and satisfying to listen to. Jam Audio have done a great job tuning the speaker for stereo use. One Hang Around doesn’t have enough grunt to provide the tunes for a loud house party in a large room. However when paired together, two Hang Arounds do the job nicely. The overall volume when paired is good although at the higher levels, the speaker starts distorting. If you need serious volume I would be looking elsewhere.

Simple feature set and controls

Jam Hang Around Bluetooth speaker sports speaker review back
The bottom and back panel of the Hang Around.

The Hang Around Bluetooth speaker has a super simple feature set. The only included accessory is the 34cm charging cable (USB to micro-USB), which neatly tucks into bottom of the speaker. It’s smart to allow a space for the cable on the speaker, although it’s a tad too snug. You have to be careful to not overstretch the cable when putting it back in place.

There’s a removable cover, which reveals the charging port and a 3.5mm auxiliary port for non-Bluetooth sources. The volume, track changes and on/off are controlled by three buttons on the top. The controls are random shapes rather than icons, although with only three buttons to use, the control scheme is pretty self-explanatory.

Sturdy construction (for the most part)

Jam Hang Around Bluetooth speaker sports speaker review back (2)
Another angle of the Hang Around.

The unit is built well and is sturdy enough for everyday use. The little feet on the bottom of the speaker weren’t glued in place though, and fell out regularly. I could glue them back in place myself but it really should have been done in the factory. We put the speaker through its paces in the video test above, and as advertised it could handle immersion in water and dust without skipping a beat.

The Hang Around Bluetooth speaker verdict

Jam Audio have presented a great budget sports speaker with the Hang Around. The Bluetooth speaker pumps out satisfying audio considering its small size, and sounds even better when paired. There are a few niggles, such as the limited bass response and questionable design points like the cable integration and rubber feet. The speaker is nonetheless excellent value, especially given the water and dust proofing.


  • 20 hours play time
  • IP67 water and dust proof rating
  • Integrated speakerphone
  • Aux-in port
  • Integrated USB cable
  • Stereo speaker
  • Pair two speakers for stereo sound
Jam Hang Around Bluetooth speaker sports speaker review header
Jam Hang Around Bluetooth speaker
The Jam Hang Around Bluetooth speaker offers great value with its solid audio performance and water/dust-proof design.
Sound quality
Worth it?
Reader Rating46 Votes
Excellent value
Big sound for a small speaker
Works well together when paired
IP67 water and dirt-proof rating
Light and portable
Speaker distorts at higher volumes
Bass is loud but not thick
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