Antlion Audio ModMic USB Mic Headset Review

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US boffins Antlion Audio have been making things easier for audiophiles since 2011. Recently they revamped their line-up and debuted the ModMic USB, which will set you back $79.95 USD. The device, which has the advantage of easy connectivity, allows you to turn any set of headphones into a headset with its quick-install boom mic.

Who is the ModMic USB for?

The ModMic USB is for anyone who wants a quality mic seamlessly integrated with their headphones. The mic will appeal to gamers, podcasters and VoIP users (social and professional). This headset solution sits in the middle of the Antlion Audio range, between the ModMic Wireless ($99.95 USD) and the ModMic Uni ($44.95 USD). The Wireless is quite similar to the USB model, apart from the addition of wireless operation. In contrast, the Uni features only a single mic mode (unidirectional, of course) and instead of USB, it uses a 3.5mm jack.

Good quality mic for the price

Modmic USB headset installed on headphones
The ModMic USB pictured converting my AKG K240 MkII headphones into a headset.

The quality of the mic is higher than what’d you get on most integrated mics that come stock with headsets. It definitely brings the goods for gaming, amateur podcasting and work calls. However to achieve fully professional results, such as that required for pro voice work, you would need to invest in a standalone microphone. Antlion Audio has included two microphone modes: Unidirectional and omnidirectional. Uni helps cut out background noise, although it only offers a narrow frequency response of 100Hz – 10kHz. In contrast, omni has a broader range of 50hz – 20kHz, which produces fuller-sounding audio. Check out our video above to hear what both modes sound like.

Easy to install and use

The ModMic USB has a 2m cable run.

The ModMic USB-A connection fires up as soon as you plug it in, so there’s no fiddly manual driver installations to worry about. The current generation of ModMic designs are all very easy to install and get up and running. There’s no complicated multiple cable runs or anything like that, which is great to see. In the second half of the above video I install the ModMic on my headphones, which as you’ll see is also a simple and painless process.

I tested the ModMic with a Windows PC, and the device is also compatible with Mac, Linux and PS4. For Xbox users, the only option available from Antlion Audio is the ModMic Uni. In terms of the physical set-up, the 2m USB cable would be more than enough for any computer user. However console gamers may want to consider the ModMic Wireless, as a 2m run wouldn’t be enough for some console set-ups in larger rooms.

All the accessories you need

Modmic USB headset headphone review accessories
The accessories included with the Modmic USB

The current generation of ModMics have the simplest designs yet, which I love. The ModMic USB ships with a hard case, 10 cable clips, two base clamps, two adhesive pads, a brief manual and an alcohol swab for preparing the headphones. Antlion Audio has also included an integrated mic mute button along the cable run. These accessories cover everything you need and more. The only gripe I have is that the case and the internal elastic bands really need to be bigger. The process of putting it back into the case gets quite tedious as you have to maneuver the cables around to avoid mashing them in the tight space. The ModMic is made out of plastic and rubber, and is built tough enough to handle regular home or office use without any troubles. It’s not what I’d call bulletproof or anything though.

Another headset winner from Antlion Audio

Modmic USB headset headphones in hardcase
The Modmic USB in the included hardcase

Antlion Audio is onto another winner with the ModMic USB. It does everything it’s meant to do and does it well, and the feature-set and quality justifies the asking price. If you have a boss set of headphones and want to turn them into a boss headset, then you really don’t need to look any further than the ModMic. The only users I wouldn’t recommend it to are those who require pro studio quality audio, or those who need something that can take hard knocks on a regular basis.

Modmic USB headset headphone review header
Antlion Audio ModMic USB Mic Headset Review
Antlion Audio is onto another winner with the ModMic USB. The new model is simple to install, use and easily turns your headphones in a quality headset.
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