6 high quality Bluetooth speakers that Rock

In the last post we took a look at 5 cool must-have wireless speakers and ranked them by coolness and superiority. There are thousands of speaker products on the market, you could go mad searching for the best one. To make your life easy I have picked 6 high quality bluetooth speakers ranging from the lowest to highest price. Having portable speakers is very important if you travel a lot. You cannot rely on your phone’s speakers when you are in a car, or live in a noisy environment. Relaxing with a picnic in the country side is where you might suddenly have the urge to listen to music; this is where you could do with the following speakers.


#1: Portable Bluetooth Speaker SRS-BTV5


The Sony SRS-BTV5 is a small speaker looking like a ball. You may think it would give out some mediocre sound without any bass. It may look like an ordinary, fancy design bluetooth speaker, but I guarantee you that is not the case here. The first thing I noticed was the ease of pairing. If you have got a phone or a tablet with NFC hardware, then all you have to do is use the “touch to pair” functionality of this device. Touch to pair isn’t very complex. You enable NFC and bluetooth and touch your phone to the speakers and all the audio will now be played on Sony speakers.The playback is of excellent quality and the frequency response is awesome giving neatly reproduced low frequencies. This speaker also comes with Sony’s 360-degree Circle sound technology to disperse the sound equally well in all the directions. Once you switch to these amazing speakers, you will instantly notice the great difference between your phone speakers and sony speakers. You can also use these speakers to answer phone calls hands free. There is option to plugin 3.5mm audio input connector in case you do want to go the wired route.

With this device there are buttons everywhere, even on the bottom. To enable NFC pairing you have to look under your device and turn that switch on. There is a phone call answering button on the surface along with a tiny microphone hole. Then there are the volume control buttons as well.

#2: Powerful Portable Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker (SRSX7)

sony srsx7

The Sony SRS-X7 looks stylish and expensive. At first, I had no words to talk to say. This is indeed an amazing set of speakers filled with a hell lot of technologies to give you the best quality sound. The speaker has multiple connectivity options. You can pair your phone using bluetooth or go for the easy route of NFC pairing if you have the option to do so. If your main purpose of the speaker is to keep it in your room and you happen to have a WiFi connection, you can directly stream music from DLNA server. If you don’t have WiFi you can go for a hardwired Ethernet connection. In order to control the music streaming from WiFi or Ethernet you need to have an app on your phone to control everything. There is also traditional 3.5mm audio input jack if you need to go that route.

Considering the sound, it was amazing. There is no artificial boosting of bass done over here which is a good thing for me. There are two stereo speakers which dissipate a total of 16W and an additional 16W sub-woofer. Wow! Music streaming over network was seamless. There are capacitive touch buttons to turn on bluetooth, wifi and what not, including the volume controls. You can also charge your phone using the USB connection at the back. If you want to charge these speakers, you have to use a DC adapter. Battery lasts for about 5-6 hours easily without network. It is definitely a good speaker to have on a picnic, especially on a beach or a lake.

#3: Beacon Audio PHOENIX 2 – Portable Bluetooth Speaker


A cool looking rectangular stereo speaker box which is bluetooth enabled called the Beacon Audio Phoenix 2. It is a powerful piece of equipment for the price you pay. One eye-catching feature of this box is the really long battery life trading off with features for a whooping 10 hours. Along with stereo speakers there is something unexpected; it also has a sub-woofer to reproduce the bass. It is an exceptionally small speaker of only 3 inches cube weighing 7 ounces. Two speakers enable sound dispersion in all the directions. As most of the speakers have, it also has the hands free capability to make and receive calls using this speaker. These speakers also come in different colours. It is only priced a little more than $50 which is inexpensive for the amount of stuff packed in. A newer version of the Beacon speaker has the capability of pairing up two beacons together and making them play the same song in synchronisation.

#4: BassBoomz High Performance Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Blue

bassboomz bluetooth speaker

The tinier the speaker is, less bass it gives out. This is because of the technical limitations. Smaller speakers produce better mid tones and higher frequency sounds, whereas to get bass we need large speaker. That is why sub-woofers are often larger as compared to L/R speakers. Now, this little speaker being small is still able to produce good enough bass. Their product page itself gives out this amazing trade secret. The speaker looks like a thick little disc shaped box which pops out to form a cylinder which can wobble a little bit. The enlarged portion or the wobbly corrugated potion is empty and resonates at a low frequency or say, some frequency which lies in the “bass” range. As a result, this resonant cavity has an amplifying effect on the low frequency sounds and rather no effect on mid tones and higher frequency. We thus get nice amount of bass on this tiny speaker. BassBoomz really gives you a noticeable performance improvement over default android speakers. I tried playing a song on my Android phone’s loud speakers and then after a few moments I switched to these speakers; I immediately noticed how my Android speakers were reproducing more treble while BassBoomz was effectively reproducing entire frequency range. The bottom portion of the speaker has all the necessary ports for connecting USB and Aux cables. The battery lasts for 6 hours, may be a little more than that if the volume is low. I also noticed some distortion in sound when the battery drops. If that happens to you, do not worry, just plugin the charger and it will be fine. Operating the device is pretty simple. It instantly gets connected to your bluetooth enabled device and you can start playing music in no time.

#5: All Ur Bass Bluetooth Capsule Speaker

bluetooth capsule speaker

This little speaker ‘All ur Bass’ tends to work on the same principle as BassBoomz. But the problem here is, if you keep the volume too loud the speaker begins to jump up and down with the music. The jumping can create some tapping sound if you kept your speaker on a hard surface. All in all, the jumping of speaker is entertaining to watch. It does not reproduce bass that perfectly in comparison to BassBoomz. It is slightly bad on this one and that is why I have given it one rank lower. Obviously, it is a bluetooth speaker and has all the good features and advantages that come with it. The battery lasts for more than 6 hours, and it will vary depending on what volume you are using it at. Build quality is also good and it seems that a lot of thought has gone into it. Another feature I forgot to mention is being able to switch to next or previous song using a simple dial switch, which also happens to control volume if you hold it in left or right position. Everything else is same as BassBoomz, so I feel no additional explanation is required here.

#6: HMDX Jam Bluetooth Speaker


All the other speakers I have mentioned come nicely packed in a plastic packaging and what not, this one does not. Pretty weird eh? The HMDX Jam actually comes packed in a nice plastic jam jar. That is one cool packaging I have seen here. It has a nice large speaker on the top, a good powerful battery to power it up for less than 4 hours. Now, this battery life here is the lowest among all. The design of this speaker is neat and unique. Feels like it is made from high quality material, but when it comes to sound it is not that awesome. The bass cannot be heard properly, or you can say it is pretty much non-existent at a normal listening distance. Bass begins to be heard as you move your ears closer to the speaker. I consider bass being the most important part of the music, so without that everything feels dull. But I cannot judge this speaker solely on the lack of bass. It actually produces all other frequencies pretty neatly and will definitely work great for watching movies or listening to audio books.

Everything else is the same. You got the bluetooth connectivity, 3.5mm audio jack, USB charging port, play and pause button, and finally the volume up and down buttons.

I hope you found this list of speakers pretty helpful and I hope that it makes your life bit easier choosing some bluetooth speakers for yourself. Now I kept mentioning that these speakers can be used with your phone, tablet etc. It just struck to my mind that you can even use them as a replacement for your laptop speakers. Most laptops come with a very low quality set of speakers and having one of these speaker would definitely help improve your audio experience on a laptop.


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