Apple Beats Pill 2.0 Wireless speaker review

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With the recent partnership of Apple and Beats by Dre, there have been some quality products coming for consumers. Most buyers are getting these audio products just for fashion or because of the brand name. Personally, I do not like any of the Dre Products just because there is a hype about it everywhere. We will review the recent Beats Pill 2.0 wireless speaker just like all other audio products on this website and see for ourselves if it is really worth it to drop a bomb for this “pill”.


Beats Pill 2.0 comes with a nice looking cardboard box with the Pill 2.0 sitting inside it in the center. The Pill actually has a packaging like a medicinal pill. Along with the actual speaker we get an all white capsule shaped carry pouch which feels very small. The speaker itself fits quite tightly inside the case and you cannot put anything else inside the case at all. Incase you feel like carrying the auxiliary cable, you will have to carry it separately. The other downside of this white case is that it gets dirty in no time, because it is white. The problem about the case being small was also present in the version 1, and Beats have done nothing about it in the version 2. Cables are nicely wound inside the box. You also get a nice little USB wall plug for charging.

Beats Pill 2.0 comes with a solid construction which feels quite heavy. The overall size of the speaker is much smaller, just 4.5 cm height and 19 cm length. The entire speaker is cylindrical in shape, appearing like a large capsule. The small size and cylindrical body makes this speaker ultra portable.

There are 4 speaker drivers inside along with Bluetooth connectivity and NFC support that only works with Apple products. The Pill 2.0 is available in various colours, namely Blue, Violet, Red, Silver, Black, Brown, White and others. The colour combination that goes on these speakers is definitely eye catching and probably the reason why everyone feels the desire to buy one. Almost all Beats products are built to last, but what has disappointed me is the performance of the actual audio output.

The volume rocker buttons are located in the center band of the speaker, and the power button is also located right below. Apart from those buttons, we also have a microphone input incase you want to make a hands free call with these speakers.

You can also connect a wired microphone or headphones through the auxiliary connectivity ports at the back.


Being wireless speakers, Apple has provide the ability to quickly pair the Pill with your audio source. The bad thing about that is, NFC works only with Apple devices. For non-Apple devices, we have to press the Beats logo button on the front for 30 seconds. The logo begins to glow red and within 30 seconds the Pill 2.0 should appear on your device. The speaker makes a small sound upon pairing and unpairing.

The entire pairing procedure is quite standard and there is nothing “premium” about it really. The Bluetooth range is nearly 30 feet which is quite standard on all Bluetooth based devices and you cannot expect a longer range because of the standard restrictions.

beats pill 2 back

Audio performance

Good looks is not the only factor to watch out for when buying a new speaker. Beats claim that Pill 2.0 is a premium wireless speaker that outstands all other wireless speakers. We need to examine this speaker thoroughly to see if it really stands out.

First of all, Beats and Apple did not bother to provide a clear technical datasheet. Hence, from a perspective of an audiophile we do not really know what they are giving us for £169.99 ($200).

Upon playing bass heavy rap music, the bass was quite cut off although the mids and the highs were sharp. Vocals were really standing out among all other instruments. Rock and Metal also played extremely well. The only thing missing was that deep bass, which caused all the music to appear very flat. Beats are known for bass boosting in all their device. Prior to this review, I was expecting a bass inclined audio response, but it has been quite the opposite. Sometimes, too much bass can be acceptable than very poor bass because the lows are what gives life to most modern music. Nevertheless, Beats Pill 2.0 will definitely work extremely well for watching movies.

Anyone would expect amazing quality sound, with neutral response across all the audio band. Buying a Beats Pill 2.0 would be a waste of money if you are expecting superb, premium sound the way you get from a Bose products.

beats pill 2 front

Battery life

A portable speaker must have a good battery life at all costs. Beats claims that Pill 2.0 comes with 7 hours of usage on a single charge. Most users have complained that the battery lasts barely 4 hours on average, much lower than what Beats claims.

Alternatives to Pill 2.0

If you are looking out for good quality wireless speakers, there is JBL Flip that provides absolutely stunning audio performance for just under £70. Apart from audio quality, the construction is also nice although not as “sexy” as the Beats, users are most definitely satisfied.

If you want even better portable speaker for the same price as the Pill 2.0, look out for Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker. It is one of the most popular bluetooth speakers on and has received almost 4000 5 star ratings. The sound quality is several times better than Beats Pill 2.0. Buying the SoundLink Mini Speaker will be the best choice you can make between all other wireless speakers out there.

Apple Beats Pill 2.0 Wireless speaker review
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