Ulefone uWear Smart Watch Review

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Smart watches have been making news every now and then for the past few months. Almost all the well known consumer electronics manufacturers are putting their own versions of smart watches on the market with different features coming under a variety of price tags. Just last week, Huawei launched a simple yet beautiful looking smart watch. Smart watches are still relatively expensive considering the features and the usefulness. Many consumers have opted to stay away from them for this reason. As always, Chinese brands have also set foot in this realm of electronics and started designing and manufacturing much cheaper smart watches.


ulefone Uwear smartwatch

From the looks of it, uWear Smart watch looks very similar to the Apple watch, but everything depends on what is inside. Most noticeable thing of this smart watch is the touch screen which is made from glass and polished to have a 2.5D arc, which enables you to see the screen from a wider angle. The screen used here has a resolution of a mere 128px x 128px, which to me, is not that great.

The body is metallic, built from stainless steel. The button located on the side is sealed to prevent any water going in thus making this device waterproof. There is only one button which wakes up the device and it is also the only means by which you can interact with the watch apart from the touch screen. Just besides the button, there is a flap that covers USB port that is used to charge the battery. The USB flap needs to be shut tight before exposing the watch to water, it is better not to take any chances.

ulefone uWear bluetooth smartwatch white

The uWear smart watch appears to be made from excellent quality material and there is no reason why it would not last long, physically. Talking of materials, the strap is made from rugged fluoroelastomer material which was used by Apple for their smart watch. The thickness of the watch is balanced. It is not too thick or thin. The screen size isn’t too big either with 1.44″ diagonally. The device weighs only 45 grams, which feels like you are wearing nothing.

The battery has a capacity of 220mAh which Ulefone says, should last for 7 days on standby. Considering that you turn the watch’s screen on several times a day, you may be able to pump out at least 5 days with a single charge.


There is no reason why it would not last long, physically; but the software will get outdated before the watch even arrives on your wrist. There are no problems with the touch interface. Pairing the uWear smart watch with your smart phone is not a problem either. There are features which makes this watch worth buying for $29, but the quality of work put into making the software would turn anyone’s mood down. The UI is clean, at least the icons are, but when you look at the fonts, I am sure the memories of operating a DOS based system would come flooding to your mind.

Ulefone uWear smart watch OS comes with all the software features that most other smart watches provide. You can play music, track your activity, listen to music, control your smart phone, answer calls, take images from your smart phone using a smart watch and so on. You can even text someone if you wish. There is no problem in the actual functioning of the OS and its features.

In my opinion, the main reason people want a smart watch is because of the notifications they get from the smart phone. Ulefone hasn’t put enough emphasis on making these notification pop-ups beautiful and elegant. They look “ancient” with some old pixelly font and a blank white background. Perhaps, if Ulefone pushed an update with the font and notifications revamped and beautified, I might consider putting $29 for this piece of hardware.


Other than the ridiculous notification fonts, there is no heart rate monitor. It does not really occupy much space if well designed since, after all it is only a pair of IR transmitters and a photodiode with a very simple amplifier. Having it would definitely make this watch even more worthy of buying. Yes, it may add in to the overall cost, but not more than $2 and people would definitely be happy to throw extra few bucks on something like this. Not to forget the cool statistics that can be collected by logging your heart rate at all times giving a unique insight to understanding our own body.

ulefone smartwatch components (2)

Other thing to talk about is the useless speaker. I do not know why they thought of even having a speaker on the watch. Okay, people need alarms to wake up but a simple piezoelectric buzzer could have done the job.


The Ulefone uWear smart watch comes with amazing quality hardware but the UI font is a big turn off, especially the one that displays a pop up notification text. Beautifying it would definitely make uWear a smart watch worth buying for $29. I hope uWear takes note of these suggestions and pushes an improved firmware that makes life better.

Specs –

  • Brand: Ulefone.
  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0.
  • RAM: 32M.
  • ROM: 32M.
  • Waterproof: YES.
  • Waterproof Rating: IP65.
  • Bluetooth calling: Phone call reminder, Phonebook.
  • Messaging: Message reminder.
  • Health tracker: Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitor, Pedometer.
  • Remote control: Camera remote, Music remote.
  • Notification: Yes.
  • Anti-lost: Yes.
  • Find phone: Yes.
  • Other functions: Alarm.
  • Groups of alarm: 5 sets.
  • Alert type: Ring, Vibration.
  • Locking screen : 2 kinds.
  • Screen: 2.5D Capacitive Touch Panel.
  • Screen size: 1.44 inch.
  • Battery type: Polymer lithium ion battery.
  • Battery capacity: 220mAh.
  • Standby time: About 7 days.
  • People: Unisex watch.
  • Shape of the dial: Rectangle.
  • Case material: Stainless Steel.
  • Band material: Fluoroelastomer.
  • Compatible OS: Android, iOS.
  • Compatability: Android / iOS 5.0 or above system.
  • Language: English, Italian, Simplified / TraditionalChinese, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese.
  • Available color: Black, Silver.
  • Package size (L x W x H): 9 x 9 x 7.5 cm / 3.54 x 3.54 x 2.95 inches.
  • Product weight: 0.045 kg.
  • Package weight: 0.18 kg.
  • Package contents: 1 x Ulefone uWear Smart Watch, 1 x Chinese and English Manual.
Ulefone uWear smart watch
Ulefone uWear smart watch comes with amazing quality hardware but the UI font is a big turn off, especially the one that displays pop up notification text.
Sound quality
Worth it?
Reader Rating3 Votes
Sturdy hardware
Stainless steel body
Easy to use GUI
Rugged strap
No heart rate monitor
Notification pop up font is bad
Battery is average
Does not work with windows phones
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