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The Poweradd Music Fly Bluetooth speaker looks like an armoured vehicle and will blow you away with its heavy bass and crisp sound. Whilst compared to lighter portable speakers, the Poweradd is less “portable”. But it more than makes up it for it with its resilience, features, and build quality. In other words, if you plan on taking this speaker with you to barbeques this summer, you’re most likely going to need a bigger bag. So keep that in mind. For audio enthusiasts we can recommend reading the V-MODA Remix Review for a high-end portable bluetooth speaker..

With an IPX7 rating, this speaker can really take a beating. In fact, I was so eager to test out the resilience of the product that I decided to put it through some stress tests which you can read about further down in the review.

Are these speakers bulletproof?

No, but I’d like to say that they come close. Covered in plastic, mesh and rubber panels, it’s highly unlikely that a small drop will damage these speakers in the long run. The design and feel are incredibly ergonomic, and to protect the connection ports is a rubber flap, which is waterproof. No short-circuiting here!

Call capability

A feature which is often overlooked on portable speakers is the ability to make and receive calls. I’m happy to report that the Poweradd Music Fly includes this function, in an albeit basic way. Although the quality of the microphone isn’t fantastic, and you will need to keep a close proximity, the time it saves having to disconnect the device and then reconnect again after the call, makes this a great feature.

Poweradd Music Fly User Interface

Phone out of battery? No problem!

The speaker also doubles as a power bank, which is useful if you need to prioritise your phones battery life over the speakers. Keep in mind that this will use up more power, as opposed to just using the Poweradd Music Fly as a speaker. It truly is a fantastic added feature, but overall, not the most efficient way of charging one’s phone.

Decent enough Bluetooth connectivity

On the box, it claims to have a range of 10M. I tested this feature out and found it to be more around 7-8 metres, however, it’s worth noting that I am definitely due an upgrade. Also, these speakers can have multiple connected devices at once. This can sometimes be a pain if you’re friends want to play jokes on you and play rude things out of your speakers… don’t ask.

If connection via Bluetooth is not for you, then you can also connect via a 3.5mm jack, which is also included in the box.

The drop tests

Over the course of the testing phase, I dropped the speakers from a variety of heights. Within the 1-3 metre range, I found that there was no damage to the speaker, except for a slight mark on the mesh, which I easily whipped off.

The next test was where things got interesting. I decided to really push the speakers to the limit and dropped it from my flat window, which is around 10 metres. It turns out, that it genuinely did more damage to the wood decking below! Sure, there was a scratch or two on the speaker panels, but the songs were still playing, and I haven’t had any issues since.

Overall, yes, this speaker is a tank.

The water tests

IPX7 means that at 3 feet your electronic device should still function. So, I put that rating to the test. Filling up my bathtub to 3ft I “carefully” placed the speakers into the water below. Sure enough, the muffled sounds of Kendrick Lamar’s “B**** don’t kill my vibe” could still be heard, although somewhat…wet.

A few days later, the speaker still works fine and the connection ports hadn’t sustained any water damage. Could this be the worlds first submarine/speaker hybrid? No, but it’s useful to know if you accidentally leave the speaker in the rain.

Testing Conclusions

To conclude, the claim of these speakers being waterproof and resilient is 100% true. Whether or not I have caused long-term damage is hard to tell, but I will keep this review updated if problems occur. Let’s be serious, the normal user won’t treat the speakers with this much tenacity, so I’m sure they’ll work fine for a long time if you don’t “test” them how I did.

Sexy Poweradd Design

At first, when I was asked to review these speakers I thought the photos made it look somewhat cheap and tacky. On the contrary, when I got them out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised! The colours blend well together, and the mesh really adds to the feeling that these speakers are near indestructible.

Along the top are user-friendly buttons, which light up when the speakers are active. A slight issue here is that they aren’t the brightest of backlights, but this is probably done to preserve power, and if it means I’ll get more playback time out of my speakers then it’s not too much of an issue.

Poweradd Music Fly Side Shot

How long does the battery last?

On the website, Poweradd, claim the speakers have a playback time of 24 hours (on the lowest volume setting). Although I haven’t tested this claim out exclusively, I did use them all day when I was working in Sheffield. At work, the speakers had to compete with the sound of traffic and passers-by, so we really did crank up the volume. Although we weren’t on the highest volume setting, I did time the battery life and they lasted from 7:00 am – 4:47 pm. So, in total that’s – 9 hours and 47 minutes. Pretty impressive in my opinion.

Furthermore, I’ve found that they take quite a while to charge. Now, this isn’t an issue if you’re charging them overnight, if you’re looking for a quick charge to last you a long time, then you’ll find yourself somewhat disappointed.

Ok, great, but how do they sound?

Finally, these speakers sound great. At high volumes, they don’t distort and at the low volumes you can still make out most of the instruments within the mix. The bass is incredibly impactful, so be careful if you live in a flat and have neighbours which complain frequently (lesson learnt there!). They’re also very nicely balanced, with the mids and highs playing out nicely throughout the songs.


To conclude, this was probably one of the most in-depth reviews I’ve done on audio equipment, as I found that I had to see if the speakers lived up their USP. The results show that they are in fact incredibly strong and the sound is fantastic. Also, the price you pay for these speakers is ridiculous. Seriously, in the UK they are currently retailing for £49.99! At this level of sound quality, features and strength, I would at least expect to pay around £100.

For a next-generation model of the Poweradd Music fly, I’d like to see an increase in the battery life at higher volumes, with a decreased charging time. Furthermore, if the pairing issues can be sorted, so that only one user is connected at a time, this would be a fantastic addition.


  • Recharging time – 8-10 hours
  • Platime – Up to 24 hours (lowest volume setting)
  • Frequency Range – 20Hz – 20KHz
  • SNR – 80dB
  • Distortion – 1%
  • Control Range 10 Metres
  • Working Hardness – 20 HB


The Poweradd Music Fly combines strength, bass and power in a sleek and appealing design - at a fantastic price.
Sound quality
Worth it?
Reader Rating7 Votes
Very loud.
Drop Proof.
Charge your products on the go.
Call and receive function.
Quite distorted at high volumes.
Slight pairing issues.
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