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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 production halted due to ongoing explosion risk

Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have caused a huge scare world wide. Furthermore, the production of the device has been halted temporarily until the explosion risk is eliminated. Additionally, Samsung has also asked all carriers and retail partners to stop sales of the device as a safety measure. The sales as well as the production halt applies to both, the original Note 7 and the replacement version.

More devices keep catching fire

There were more than 35 reported Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire incidents worldwide. As a response, Samsung had recalled approximately 2.5 million devices for their replacement earlier in September. The decision to halt production came when even the replacement devices started catching fire. One of the replacement device started emitting smoke on a plane full of passengers. Fortunately, the crew on-board took necessary precautions and evacuated the plane just before take off.

Exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone
Exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone.

“Sub-optimized assembly process” is the cause of fires

An investigation from Samsung and the related consumer safety organization in US has revealed a serious production error. The Lithium Ion battery used inside the device consists of positive and negative side separated by a thin insulating material. Any excess pressure or a puncture in the sandwiched layer leads to short circuit. This is exactly what happened in case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

A Samsung representative told CNET, “The defect was revealed when several contributing factors happened simultaneously, which included sub-optimized assembly process that created variations of tension and exposed electrodes due to insufficient insulation tape”.

Correspondingly, Samsung has also promised to issue a firmware upgrade that caps the battery from charging above 60%. Unfortunately, the firmware upgrade will not come any time sooner than next few weeks.

Stocks dip, reputation tarnished

Samsung’s stocks dipped nearly 1.5% since the announcement of Galaxy Note 7’s production halt. Looking at the current market scenario, the next best option for Samsung customers is likely to be an Apple iPhone 7 or the Google’s Pixel phone. The Pixel phone is a more viable option for them because it is an Android device, belonging to the same bloodline as the Note 7. As a result, we can expect Apple’s and Google’s market share to rise in the coming weeks.

This situation could have gone unnoticed had it happened with a non-flagship device. Surprisingly, the Galaxy Note 7 passed through Samsung’s internal testing and they found no flaw with the factory output. It could be very well possible that the testing department knew about the problem but the management decided to proceed with it anyway just to see a few percent increase in their stock value.

The Note 7 jokes continue..

Asking all the Galaxy Note 7 customers to simply not use their devices has left Samsung in a very bad position. To add salt to the wound, some have gone as far as a making a GTA V mod which replaces bombs with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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