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Discontinued, but be sure to check out the latest Beelink GT1 TV Box.

As the demand for media streaming ever increases, the arrival of the GTQ TV Box couldn’t be more welcome. The GTQ gives Android users the ability stream all of their tablet and smart phone media for an affordable price. With access to over 800,000 apps the GTQ’s uses are practically endless. What’s more, the GTQ can handle streaming in illustrious 4K on all popular video formats. If you’re an Android user looking for an HD streaming device, the GTQ is seriously worth considering.


Goofy antenna aside, the GTQ’s design is fairly sleek. But given that the product is designed for Android users, who cares? As per usual, the Android user is typically looking for utility, performance, and functionality over aesthetics anyway. That being said, it has a protective metal housing and comes in silver or black.

Beelink gtq tv streamer

Video Quality

In terms of streaming video content, you can’t get higher quality than 4K. But if you want to enjoy such a high quality format, it’s essential that your streaming device is able to move data quick and efficiently. With 2.4G + 5.8G WiFi capability, the GTQ ensures smooth playback for your HD videos. Conveniently, you have up to 8G of onboard storage and a maximum of 32G via SD card storage for your video, audio, games, and apps as well. It also has a 1000M Gigabit Ethernet port incase your wireless router isn’t the greatest. Naturally, it comes with a 1.4 HDMI cable so you can connect directly to your television or monitor. It also supports a surprisingly wide variety of photo formats.

Beelink gtq android tv box

It is worth noting that you will reap none of these high definition benefits if your television does not have a 4K display and you are not sitting close enough to the screen. Unfortunately, the human eye has perceptual limitations. Consequently, if you are too far away, 1080p content and 4K content will look identical. In such an event, you will have paid a whole lot of money for a 4k television that is—for all intents and purposes—no better than a 1080p television. This might seem like a no brainer, but you will also have to be streaming 4K content. While stream-able 4K content is somewhat scarce at the moment, many streaming services are really starting to increase their libraries. Then again, you might already have some 4K content downloaded to your phone, tablet, or computer. If you are aware of these things, you can really make the most of your experience with the GTQ.

Audio Quality

Most importantly to all of us at Soundreview, the Beelink GTQ accommodates nearly all major audio formats. Unlike many other streaming devices, the GTQ can handle FLAC files. This is excellent news for audiophiles who want nothing more than to listen to their favorite music at the highest possible quality. With lossless compression FLAC files, you can listen to all your favorite tunes in their original glory. Since Apple Lossless has yet to become a commonly available format, the GTQ bears an immense advantage for music enthusiasts with Android devices. With many record companies making their artists available in non-proprietary high quality FLAC, the GTQ is undoubtedly a superior alternative to streaming devices like Apple TV.


In the way of other handy features, the GTQ has 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports so you can easily connect your phone, tablet, mouse, or keyboard. To make the most of the GTQ’s features, you’ll probably want to have a keyboard and mouse. While your phone, tablet, and the included infrared remote will be able to navigate all the apps, in some instances, using these options will be cumbersome. Besides, one of the greatest advantages of an Android streaming box is that it can utilize any of your media or apps while freeing up your tablet or phone for other uses. For instance, you might want to search YouTube or stream Netflix on the Beelink GTQ while you check your emails on your phone or tablet. Moreover, while the remote certainly works, its use of infrared has limitations; if it’s not pointed directly at the sensor, it’s not going to work. I’d highly recommend purchasing a RF (radio frequency) wireless remote instead as they’re very inexpensive. But, in the end, a keyboard and mouse are always going to have greater functionality than the remote. As many of us have experienced while streaming with an Xbox or PlayStation, typing in searches without an actual keyboard can be a serious pain.

beelink android tv box usb inputs

The GTQ is preloaded with the Kodi media player—formerly known as the open source XMBC media player. For those unfamiliar with the media player, it supports an extremely wide variety of media formats, is highly customizable, and will support all your Android apps. Its interface can also be used in up to 74 languages.

beelink gtq interface


If you use an Android, have a 4K television, and are in need of a streaming device, the GTQ is an excellent and affordable choice. In fact, it might be one of your best options simply because there is so much it can do while supporting the highest quality media available. While there are a ton of streaming devices out there, there are far fewer that are able to work seamlessly with your Android devices. Fewer still are the options that can actually handle streaming in true 4K. Although its appearance is nothing to write home about, the GTQ will get the job done for just about all your media needs. Purchase from Gearbest for just under $85 and feel no regrets, just make sure you have read this review carefully to ensure there are no mixups in to what you are buying.

  • General
  • Brand: Beelink
  • Type: TV Box
  • Model: GTQ
  • Color: Silver
  • System: Android 5.1
  • GPU: Mali-450
  • CPU: Amlogic S812
  • Core: Quad Core, Cortex A9, 2.0GHz
  • RAM: 2G
  • ROM: 8G
  • Max. Extended Capacity: 32G
  • Media Supported
  • Decoder Format: H.264, H.265
  • Video Format: MOV, RM, RMVB, AVI, MKV, WMV, 4K x 2K
  • Audio Format: WMA, AAC, OGG, MP3, FLAC
  • Photo Format: BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG
  • Specification
  • Support XBMC: Yes
  • WiFi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth4.0
  • Power Supply: Charge Adapter
  • Interface: SPDIF, Micro SD Card Slot, HDMI, AV, LAN
  • Certificate: CE, RoHS
  • Dimension and Weight
  • Product Weight: 0.260 kg
  • Package Weight: 0.740 kg
  • ,"review": { "@type": "Review", "reviewRating": { "@type": "Rating", "worstRating": "0", "ratingValue": "87", "bestRating": "100" }, "author": { "@type": "Person", "name": "Dlukacs" } },"aggregateRating": { "@type": "AggregateRating", "ratingValue": "53", "worstRating": "0", "bestRating": "100", "ratingCount": "4" }}
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