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Apple Watch 2 release date with iPhone 7

Apple Watch 2 release date with iPhone 7

by Salil Tembe2016/06/04

Back in the year 2014, every other player in the consumer electronics was coming out with their own flavour of smart watch. Apple entered the race by placing its Apple Watch on people’s wrist. An elegant looking square shaped watch that had a unique UI easily set it apart from the crowd. There was a huge list of improvements that users asked for in the Apple Watch 2. Rumours have come out indicating a second coming of the Apple Watch under the name ‘Apple Watch S‘.

The Apple Watch 2 was supposed to be released at the WWDC (World wide developer conference) this June, but due to technical difficulties, it has been postponed. The Apple Watch 2 release date will be in the fall of 2016. That is just about the time when iPhone 7 would also be getting released.

Apple Watch 2 Rumours Spreading

Speaking of iPhone 7, the rumour mill says that the Apple Watch 2 would not be iPhone dependent. The existing Apple Watch relies on the iPhone a lot. Without it, it is simply an expensive watch that shows time on a fancy display. The first generation Apple Watch is more like an extension to the functionality of iPhone. The Apple Watch 2 on the other hand will boast a WiFi chip that will allow stand alone operation.

Apple Watch 2 concept sizes

Possible size options (Concept by Eric Huismann.)

The existing Apple Watch relies on the offline audio stored on the flash memory. By pairing a Bluetooth speaker, one can listen to their music. The possibility of streaming directly from iTunes is not possible. With the WiFi coming to Apple Watch 2, we would like to see online music streaming become possible.

New FaceTime Camera

9to5Mac, the source for publicising these rumours also speaks about some more expected improvements in the Apple Watch. A FaceTime camera is on the top of the rumour list which would allow users to make FaceTime calls over WiFi. The camera would be placed on the top bezel of the watch that will be useful for making video calls.

Apple watch 2 facetime camera concept

Apple Watch 2 Facetime Camera (Concept by Eric Huismann.)

Wireless Control

Back in 2015, Apple filed a patent for “Volume control for mobile device using wireless device” and the patent had an image of a watch which connected to the mobile device to relay the feedback necessary for volume control. Apple files patents for a lot of petty things that do not necessarily make it to their products. Whether this feature will appear in Apple Watch 2 is not very clear, yet it remains a possibility.

Apple Watch 2 features we probably will not get

The existing Apple Watch fails at battery life. For many, it simply dies before the day even ends. 9to5Mac has information from Apple which says there will be no significant changes to the battery, which I feel is quite disappointing. Many other fitness trackers on the market last for more than a day that allow sleep tracking as well. If Apple decides to change their decision and make improvements to the battery, two things need to be their focus. First, make it so that it at least lasts for a day and second, make sure it does not put strain on the iPhone’s battery as it does now.

Waterproofing also remains to be an issue that needs to be addressed. At the moment, Apple Watch is rated for IPX7 water resistance standard that can be used in rain, but cannot be used while swimming. If the Apple Watch 2 happens to be waterproof, it can be used to track your heart rate while swimming. Another thing Apple would need to take care of would be to make sure that water does not enter under the contact area where watch and skin touch because that is where the heart rate sensor is. Any water in there will distort the sensor readings, unless Apple comes up with some smart algorithm to take care of this.

WatchOS 2 and new hope for third-party apps

A better processor will be definitely making way into the Apple Watch 2 and it will run the WatchOS 2 when it gets released later this year. We really hope that the developers start creating cool apps for the Apple Watch 2. At the moment, the momentum for app development targeted towards Apple Watch is downright poor. Based on the information from Business Insider, there is only 1 app being developed for Apple Watch for every 1000 iOS apps.

The new features for the Apple Watch 2 really sound like a huge improvement over the existing Apple Watch. It would be quite interesting to see these rumours materialise into actual features. At the same time we can only hope that the price does not go through the roof.

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