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4 Music Services That You Didn’t Know Accept Bitcoin

4 Music Services That You Didn’t Know Accept Bitcoin

by Johnny2014/07/10
In 2009 a decentralised digital currency formed by Satoshi Nakamoto was created and later became the first widely used crypto currency called Bitcoin. Unlike banks which are in control of your money, you can store your bitcoins on your own computer and send them to anyone with a bitcoin address with little to no fees. Currently one bitcoin is valued at around $600 and is going up slowly and price as they become harder to obtain.

1. CEX

CeX loves BitcoinCEX is a second-hand goods store where you can trade in unwanted items for money or CEX points. They started specialising in electronics music, mobile phones, DVDs and games in 2005. Customers typically receive around 65% of the value of the item they trade in and CEX resell for profit. The company has over 300 stores worldwide and started accepting Bitcoin on 22 May 2014. This means that customers can buy and sell items from this CEX store online with bitcoin.

We’re proud to be first national UK retailer adopting Bitcoin, adding it permanently to Yes, you can now buy with Bitcoin and sell your old gadgets, phones and games for Bitcoin on in the UK.

2. Overstock

Overstock is a large online retailer who started accepting Bitcoin on January 9th 2014 and in the first 21 hours they processed $124,000 worth of sales. Since then Fox business overstock CEO Patrick Beynon reported that the company had processed up to 1.6 million purchases so far this year. Overstock sell just about anything including MP3 players, speakers, headphones and of course CDs from a variety of artists.

3. Gyft

gyft bitcoinGyft is a large digital gift card management platform offering up to 200 cards from different stores. Gyft doesn’t offer a physical item but instead replaces it with a mobile app which allows you to redeem cards in-store. In May 2014 Gyft started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, now you can even get a three percent cashback in Gyft reward points by using Bitcoin, triple the amount in comparison to other methods of payment. This means you can purchase virtual gift cards to buy audio hardware from Kohls or music from Amazon (Just incase you were wondering) with Bitcoin.


4. Cheers

cheers bitcoin

Simple explanation of the Cheers! Platform

Cheers is a new company that allows you to tip any music artist in the world with Bitcoin. For example, you want to send Bitcoins to the Foo Fighters; you can send them through Cheers, they hold the Bitcoin and attempt to send them to the Foo Fighters. If they are unsuccessful then they will refund the money! Now you might want to get using this service right now but unfortunately they are in private beta. We will keep a close eye for you and let you know when they’re not so you can reward your favourite musicians with Bitcoin.


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