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by Johnny2013/05/22

Host your own station with

Today I’ve come to talk about a online Internet radio website called I was prompted to give it a go and logged in with Facebook very quickly. It is very different to any normal Internet radio station because on you can host your own music, I’ll tell you how this works. Once you’ve logged in join or create a room of any genre and change your name to a DJ Nickname. Click ‘click to DJ’ and you’ll be added to the queue to DJ. Once you’ve done that you can then add your own songs playlist and play them to an audience of listeners. You can easily import youtube or soundcloud tracks with the search bar. Listeners have the option to like or dislike it with the heart and the broken heart at the bottom to rate the current song. DJs can gain points too as well as fans! This site is like nothing I’ve seen before and is a fantastic way to get your favourite songs played and chat with friends. It’s a good idea to make sure your not away from the keyboard for long though because the automated bot will remove you from the DJ queue if you are not there which is good because then you don’t have to worry about spam. I think this new website will go far since its release and I will certainly be taking part in a few DJ sessions since it’s  a great way to listen to the radio online.

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