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Music streaming at its finest

Music streaming at its finest

by Luke2013/10/01

Rdio takes music streaming to the next level by making it social.


The website might be a bit messy at times, but it does not take a lot of time to learn to use.

More of the same, but better

music streamingRdio is yet another one of the many services out there which offers users the chance to stream a seemingly endless amount of music on their computers and mobile devices. The story, by now, is familiar to anyone that has followed the evolution of the music industry over the past decade: Gone are the days where entire albums had to be bought, one at a time, from the store, and the Open Music model, where people have access to as many songs as they want for a monthly fee, is here to stay. While people still buy individual albums so that they can listen to their music commercial free (even when they don’t have access to the internet), subscriptions to online music databases are growing every year.

At its base, Rdio isn’t much different from its main competitors (Spotify, Grooveshark, Deezer, etc.). Every single one of these services gives their users access to a vast library of music in addition to the tools needed to create playlists. What sets Rdio apart, however, is its pricing scheme and unique, innovative features. While most of its competitors rely on Top 100 charts and user preferences to predict what music he or she might like, Rdio makes finding new tunes social. Rdio’s heavy rotation feature takes songs that are popular from users’ own personal network of connections and creates tailored suggestions not just for one person, but a whole group of friends. Users can also subscribe to playlists that others have made that they enjoy and see them change over the course of time, or even put the music on auto-pilot like Pandora. Price-wise, it is similar to its competitors (at $9.99 US per month for mobile access), but Rdio’s family plan (starting at $17.99 per month for two subscriptions) makes adding devices easy and more affordable than anything out there.  All in all, while it isn’t remarkably different from other lead players on the market, Rdio has something special. In other words, while all music streaming might be, more or less, the same, Rdio may very well be the best of them all.

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