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Grooveshark Accept Bitcoins

Grooveshark Accept Bitcoins

by Salil Tembe2014/07/18

More and more services have begun to adopt bitcoins for their daily transactions. Bitcoins had their image tarnished by the media sometime ago because of their wide use in many illegal online activities. Slowly and steadily bitcoins are replacing the traditional currency as more businesses are adopting it. Just as websites like Grooveshark changed the way we listen to music, bitcoins are set to change the way we make our daily transactions.

The news is that Grooveshark accept bitcoins. They have made use of Stripe as the payment gateway. The customers pay the money in form of bitcoins and Stripe exchanges the bitcoins into equivalent amount of USD. The exchange rates are constantly fluctuating due to which you may not pay the same amount of bitcoins you paid last time. Same concept if you want a refund. You can receive more or less bitcoins depending on the exchange rate at the time of refund.

The option to pay using bitcoins was being requested by their customers for more than a year and after a long wait the bitcoin enthusiasts who supported cause are very happy about the news. Introduction of bitcoin transactions at Grooveshark did not receive much attention from the media, but it quickly became a subject of discussion on social media. The decision to enable cryptocurrency payment is definitely a positive one for the company as well as their customers. This is because, expanding the horizons brings in new customers and this is an openly known fact. People who were initially not willing to pay using Paypal, or give up their credit card information online have for the first time opened their bitcoin wallets to subscribe for music service.

…but now that they accept Bitcoin, it’s the first time I actually paid (as a huge thank you) for using their service all this time…

…as said by a user on reddit.

Grooveshark is definitely not the first one to adopt bitcoins among the music streaming websites. Check out 4 other music sites that accept bitcoin. Many other websites such as Newegg, Thepiratebay and reddit adopted bitcoins pretty early in the game.

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