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Copy music from iPod to computer

Copy music from iPod to computer

by Salil Tembe2014/01/22

It might have been few years since you upgraded or replaced that old computer of yours and along with that you lost all you music collection. It happens to all of us at some point in time for some reason or another. We lose our favourite music! But if you got all your music stored on an iPod of yours, then there is no worry of losing it. You can always retrieve it from there. Let us see how to do that.

There are two ways to do it. One of the way is to download software dedicated to do this task, and the other one is the manual way which requires you to do some tinkering.

We will first look into the Manual way to retrieve all your files.

One of the simplest way is to install iTunes on your computer and login to the same account that you have used on your iDevice. Once that is done, all you have to do is go into the File menu and select “Transfer purchases from <device>”. Again, this is useful only if you have purchased the music tracks from iTunes.

In case you delete some of your songs from the computer, you do not have to worry because the automatic sync will notify you if you want to transfer is back on to your PC. But, what to do in case your music is not purchased from iTunes? This is where trouble can begin. The main disadvantage of this method is that you will be not able to retrieve your playlists and even the music file names would be changed to something very different.

Connect your iDevice to your computer in Disk mode. Then browse the device like the way you browse your hard disk. You will find number of folders in it. You have to click on the folder named “iPod_Control”. In case you do not seem to find this folder it is likely that the folder is invisible. You have to go to folder options to view invisible folders. Once you are in the iPod_control folder, all you have to do is press ctrl+A and copy all that music, paste it into your music library folder on your PC. Viola! You have recovered your music files from your iPod. The biggest downside to this is all your music files will be named something like this “ASDW.m4p”, or some other random name which does not represent the music contained in it. The only thing which can tell you what music it contains is by using some software to read it’s ID3 tag which contains all the meta data for that music file.

Now, we look at the easiest way to copy music from iPod to computer. There are several software available to do this daunting task and they also help you recover playlists and stuff. Here, I have mentioned a few of those software which I found to be the best.

1. Senuti

A great tool for disaster recovery and syncing all your music files between iPod and computer. The great thing about this software is it allows one click sync. It has an interface which is similar to iTunes (a plus point for iTunes user) and works on Windows and Mac. The only downside to this software is that it creates duplicate files, which is definitely a bad thing.



2. YamiPod

If you do not want to face the trouble of duplicates and do not want to spend any money on software to recover music, then YamiPod is a good option for you. It does the basic syncing task. It lets the user transfer music to and from the iPod and does not create duplicates. Additionally, it also has options for you to share your playlists on and other cloud players. Users have reported that YamiPod is bad at dealing with recent videos, otherwise it is a perfect software to get our task done.



3. iPod2PC

This is just another program which rips all your music from the iPod and transfers it over to PC. The biggest downside of this program is it will work only with only ‘one’ iPod and will not work with iPhone or anything else. If you are a person who owns multiple iPods then you will have to buy licences for them in order to make rip songs using this program. Another program called iDevice2PC must be bought if you want to recover songs from iDevices. The program is by far the best one I have found with multiple modes to work with although the licensing scheme is the only thing which could turn off any user. The free mode of the software copies only 50% of the files before it stops working. The cost of the software is around £12.5.


iPod2PC music recovery tool

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