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Learn how to make money on YouTube with music!

Learn how to make money on YouTube with music!

by Salil Tembe2014/01/14

Few years ago when Google bought YouTube, it also brought it’s own advertisement machine to YouTube which let content creators earn some cash by enabling advertisements on their channels and videos. The YouTube advertising system was very similar to the existing Google Adsense, in fact it was just an extension of the same. Many artists or content creators have solely depended on YouTube as their primary source of revenue for past few months. As the dependence on the online media increases, the physical media like CDs have seen a declining demand. The music industry also saw the advent of music sharing over peer to peer networks like torrents and other file hosting sites. The online copyright laws have so far been somewhat successful in limiting the illegal file sharing. Over the years, the music industry has learnt that it is well off letting the users listen to music for free! That is some shocking statement to hear, but it has been the trend for quite sometime now.

YouTube is currently the number one website and also a search engine to find media such as music and videos, or music videos! Just three to four years ago people used to buy CDs or download music form iTunes and upload it on YouTube for others to listen. That way, music sharing became even easier! The Music industry saw this and also noticed the attractive “AdSense” feature and immediately there were popular music publishers uploading their original music albums on Youtube with advertisements enabled.

YouTube being the second largest search engine, it is obvious that the content displayed on its search results will get massive amount of visits from the users. All they have to do is upload some interesting, original content and the visitors will automatically come to you.

Last year, PSY Gangnam Style music video got 1 billion+ views which equals to about 1.5 to 2 million dollars revenue! Popular music videos or good quality music never goes unnoticed on YouTube. All you have to do is use some promotion to get the people know about your stuff. Let us Learn how to make money YouTube with music if you are a music creator. This also applies to those who make content other than music. What you upload needs to be original, that is all!

There is this amazing thing called “Content ID” which lets authors earn revenue if someone else uses your track. The YouTube ad system automatically takes some royalties from the revenue generated by some other user who has decided to use your audio track. The author of Harlem Shake earned loads of money that way!

Setting up your own YouTube adsense account to earn some money

Step 1: When you already have a YouTube account with some content uploaded on it, it would not take long for Google to send you an email saying “You are eligible to earn money using Adsense”. Before you begin earning you have to link your existing Adsense account to YouTube OR you can create a completely new account for it.

You can look at your current Monetization settings by going to the Features section on the left and you will see something similar to this:

monetize youtube

Here is the monetisation button which is under channel settings and in the
‘Monetisation’ tab.

youtube adsense

In the monetization section, you get the option to add an AdSense account.


Step 2: When you sign up for the account, the time comes when you actually want to place your ads on the video. You have to submit each video for revenue sharing and YouTube will decide whether you can use that video or not. There are strict guidelines to determine if your video can be used for earning revenue or not. It needs to be original and should not infringe anyone’s copyrights.

not monetized youtube

Click this to monetise your videos.


Step 3: You will also have to choose what type of ads are displayed on your videos and where they appear. They could be set to appear on the side of the video, over the video as small pop-ups in the video player or entire interstitial video which plays before the video starts or plays at regular intervals during the video if your video is too long.

ad types youtube

Choose your desired Ad type to appear in your videos.


YouTube Playbook

YouTube also has special features for Music publishers and artists channels. There is something known as the Youtube Playbook. This is a tool which helps artists optimize their channel for gaining a wider audience, attracting new subscribers, attracting attention from viewers to make them view your video and so on. Such interesting optimizations can really make difference on the long run.

Playbook can be studied in detail from their official “Playbook guides” which has several pdf files which help artists optimise their YouTube channels for music, sports, media, education and so on. Each one has it’s own requirements and a different target audience, naturally, the optimizations made will be different from one another. You can check out their Music Playbook guide and optimize your YouTube channel to start attracting new visitors right away.



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