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Q Acoustics 3010 & 3020 speakers review

When it comes to high quality room filling speakers, Q acoustics stands at the top of the list in most cases. Since the series 1000 it has managed to get a 5 star rating on most of the speakers it produces. The Q 2020i was so popular that it managed to win a lot of awards over time. The main attraction of the Q acoustics speakers come because of the compact design and sturdy, classic yet modern looking body. Not to mention the superb, distortion less audio reproduction. The basic differences in the 3010 and the 3020 models is the power handling capacity and the size, while everything else is quite similar.

Build Quality

It is no doubt that the build quality is going to [...]

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The Best Headphones 2015

1. Bose SoundTrue Around Ear £150

Bose been trying really hard the past year to come up with a cheap, consumer friendly pair of headphones. The Bose sound true around ear headphones do just that and for that reason are number one on our list for the best headphones in 2015. Priced at around hundred £150 they are in the mid-range market for high-quality headphones. First we will take a look at the negative factors. They are not really designed for playing sports as they are not sweat resistant even if they look like they do. The sound quality can dip as the volume goes higher but as long as you don’t get that point they will sound fine and the average buyer will not even notice. [...]

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Harley Benton UK-10S Ukulele Review

If you are speaking about the most sweet-sounding string instrument, the ukulele easily takes the first spot. Considered as the quintessential instrument for Hawaiian music, the ukulele has made its way into genres like country, pop and rock. From Elvis Presley in the movie Blue Hawaii to Eddie Vedder, the lead-vocalist of Peal-Jam in the album Ukulele songs, artists have loved and used the instrument for its tone. It is surprising to see that even tough guys like the legendary undefeated heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano and Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) of the WWF fame have had their large hands playing the tiny instrument. Being a fun and easy-to-carry instrument, [...]

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Bose Soundlink Colour Speaker Review

The Bose sound link colour was released in July 2013 and is still widely popular all around the world. The idea is that it is small, lightweight and easy to use, while still giving that full sound regardless of its size. It is relatively expensive, priced at about £120 (mid-range) which seems strange when you could buy a much larger speaker for similar value. But that’s not the point, not everybody wants big speakers, also bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better! If you’ve bought bluetooth speakers before you should know this.

Design and Features

The sound link colour speaker, as you would expect, comes in a variety of different colours ranging [...]

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Fender American Special Stratocaster HSS Review

Leo Fender first introduced the Stratocaster nearly 50 years ago and it has been one perfect guitar over the years. Back in the day, it was available for a price of $250, which is quite a lot of money if we take into consideration the inflation. $250 from 1954 would evaluate to $2000, yet the Strats cost only $1590. This means that the cost of our beloved Stratocaster has in fact decreased which has given some relief to new guitarists who would like to own this guitar. There have been changes to the base model of Stratocaster over the years to add improvements and enhancements but nevertheless all new Strats still sound like the good old Strats from the 20th century.

The [...]

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Sony MDR-1A Headphones Review

The Sony MDR-1A was released in September 2014 for £169 on the official Sony website. Intended for providing high-resolution audio these are consumer friendly studio headphones to keep the music being listened to as authentic as possible. Other competing headphones in the market usually go for added effects to boost the sound and emulate an expensive pair of headphones such as the ones we are reviewing here.

Build Quality

With the MDR-1A Sony have gone for the smart look metallic frame with soft leather for the headband and earpads. There is extremely small stitching that contours the earpads for a comfortable fit making long hours of wearing easier. They are designed to [...]

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AC/DC Rock or Bust Tour Drummer Replacement

This year’s Grammy Awards ceremony saw a live performance from AC/DC band and it seems that everyone present there enjoyed it. The song played on stage was the title song from their latest album Rock or Bust that was released last year.

AC/DC has won only a single Grammy Award in their lifetime back in the year of 2010 for the song War Machine from their Black Ice album.

Rock or Bust is the first album since Malcolm Young had to leave the band due to serious medical condition. He was replaced by his nephew Stevie Young.

There has been a lot going on inside AC/DC for quite sometime. We also came to know about the new drummer Chris Slade who was also [...]

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Sennheiser Urbanite XL wireless review

Sennheiser has been introducing cool new headphones that are super comfortable and highly durable. In fact, Sennheiser are known for super high quality audiophile headphones. So far, I have not seen one person who has been disappointed with Sennys. Just few weeks ago, they introduced the Urbanite XL wireless headphones that look awesome from their looks. We will check out how they perform and who they are targeted at in this review.

Build quality

The first thing to notice about Urbanite XL headphones is their unique ear cup sliding mechanism. Unlike the regular mechanism which involves a metallic strip or a grooved plastic plate sliding up and down the headband, the [...]

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Sennheiser G4ME ONE Gaming Headset

Sennheiser does make some cool headphones that are aimed at serious audio junkies. Released in the Q2 of 2014 is the Sennheiser G4ME One headphone. It is targeted at serious gamers looking for non-stop action without any distractions and discomfort caused from other sloppy headphones. There are not many gaming headphones that offer great sound reproduction as well as long lasting comfort. We reviewed HyperX Cloud II headset earlier which happened to be one of the top notch budget gaming headset that offered performance equivalent to an expensive pair but at a much lower price. Today, we are going to take a look at Sennheiser’s G4ME One high end Gaming headset.

Build [...]
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Sennheiser HD 8 DJ Headphones review

The Sennheiser HD 8 DJ is not just any headphone, it is a reference grade audio equipment that has perfect sound reproduction and superb comfort. When it comes to reference grade equipment, they are not cheap. This headphone we are about to review has all the features anyone would ever want, including the high style quotient. It is specifically aimed at audiophiles and audio professionals that want to hear every little sound in the music they produce or listen to.

Exceptional build quality

Right out of the box you get a wonderful and generously big, hard shell carry case, a long, spiralled, kevlar shielded cable which is really long, an extra pair of ear cushions made [...]

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