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Basn Tempos in-ear monitor headphones review main
Basn has been making high performance headphones since 2009. Today we’re looking at the Basn Tempos in-ear monitor headphones, which cross the line between professional monitoring and personal use. The...
ModMic Wireless Bluetooth headphones mic on headphones
Antlion Audio has been making headphone mics since 2011 and the new ModMic Wireless is their best work yet. The ModMic Wireless allows you to turn your headphones into a...
MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker rope
The MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker is a rugged little unit that you can pick up for $40. It has 22 hours playtime, adjustable EQ and is waterproof (IP5X rating). It’s...
MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphones stand
The MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphones are a budget over-ear design that pumps tunes with a minimum of fuss. The headphones are an Amazon best-seller so MPOW must be onto something....

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Beelink GT1 Ultimate
Beelink is a Chinese company that has been manufacturing TV boxes, peripherals and mini-PCs since 2010. They’ve created some popular devices in their time but they haven’t all been models of reliability. Android TV boxes have been all the rage since the early 2010s before Smart TVs were widespread. With...
Xfyro Arias better airpods alternative
Xfyro is a fairly small team based in New York and they don’t claim to be one of the industry’s biggest players amongst big names Apple, Jaybird and Bose. The upcoming release of the Xfyro Aria may well change that. They’ve annihilated their $10,000 Indiegogo target by raising a stunning...
Soundbrenner Pulse wearable vibrating metronome header
The Soundbrenner Pulse is a smart, wearable metronome that keeps the beat by using vibration rather than sound. It’s the flagship device from the relatively new Hong Kong-based company. At $95 USD (£85.30, €98), it’s an enticing prospect for amateur and pro musicians alike. Update 10/10/18: SoundBrenner smashed their latest KickStarter goal...
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