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Interview: Justin Johnson talks 3-string shovel guitar and new LP
Bungie banhammer “Cheaters Beware” with Destiny update
NAMM 2017: Fender launch new range of Squier Offset guitars
Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headphones review
NAMM 2017: ESP show Mastodon, Rancid and Anthrax signature models
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1245orange rocker 15 32 kongpressor
orange rocker 15 32 kongpressor
gibson 2017 s series NAMM
Justin Johnson Shovel Guitar interview NAMM
Fender American Professional series 2017 Stratocaster
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Orange launch Rocker 15, Rocker 32 combos and Kongpressor comp

Orange have a formidable line-up already, and it just got even better, with the announcement of the all-tube Rocker 15 and Rocker 32 combo amps. The company also launched the Kongpressor and Orange Acoustic Pre at NAMM 2017. The former is an octo-compressor pedal and the latter is the [...]

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NAMM 2017: Get a US-made Gibson S series guitar for $399

There’s plenty of Gibson lovers out there, although their instruments are often prohibitively expensive for the average guitar-slinger. Now that’s all about to change. At NAMM 2017 the company launched the new Gibson S series, which let you get your hands on a US-made guitar [...]

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Interview: Justin Johnson talks 3-string shovel guitar and new LP

Justin Johnson took some time out of his relentless touring and recording schedule to fill us in about some of his latest adventures. They include funding his new studio album with a $25,000 Kickstarter, how he came across his first three-string shovel guitar and what it’s like [...]

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NAMM: Fender American Professional Series launches with 16 models

Last week we covered the new Squier Offset series, but now there’s even bigger news coming from the Fender camp. The company is launching the new flagship Fender American Professional Series at NAMM next Thursday. The electric and bass guitar range has a whopping 16 models, so [...]

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