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When chilling out, relaxing and playing your favourite computer game on console or PC, you want a decent experience. Here we have a selection of the best gaming headphones so...
Jam Out There Bluetooth headphones
The Jam Out There is an active noise cancelling (ANC) headphone that doesn’t cancel your bank balance!  The cute headphone design will only set you back $60 USD (£50, $100...
Bluetooth specialists Jam have cooked up quite a good sports design with the Zero Chill sports Bluetooth speaker. The mid-sized speaker offers 22 hours playtime, IP67 waterproofing and can be...
Basn Tempos in-ear monitor headphones review main
Basn has been making high performance headphones since 2009. Today we’re looking at the Basn Tempos in-ear monitor headphones, which cross the line between professional monitoring and personal use. The...

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Sennheiser HDV 820 headphone amplifier angle
Sennheiser recently released the HD 820 headphones and also dropped the accompanying HDV 820 amplifier. The HDV 820 is one hell of a versatile headphone amplifier on its own regardless of your choice of cans though. Both the headphone and amp are German-made and are available for $2,400 USD each...
Ashdown OriginAL HD-1 bass amp head
The current trend for portable amps is something I can really get behind. Ashdown saw which way the wind was blowing and dropped the lunchbox-sized OriginAL HD-1 bass head on us. Despite being backpack friendly, the 300w amp is a real monster. We demoed the OriginAL HD-1 and also put...
Sennheiser HD 820 headphones header
Sennheiser want to break new ground with the release of the HD 820. The German-made headphones feature a glass transducer cover and are marketed as the most transparent closed-back headphones in the world. At $2,400 ($3,500 AUD), you’d certainly want to be something special. Sennheiser also released a matching headphone...
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