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best wired earphones
Ever since the release of Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones‘, wired earphones were being replaced. Still some brands are still launching wired earphones, such as Fiio with the FH1. Most have...
MPOW Flame Sport Bluetooth Earphones review
MPOW has a range of budget Bluetooth devices which are available worldwide through online outlets. Today we’re looking at MPOW Flame Sport Bluetooth Earphones, which are inspired by the Powerbeats...
Bluetooth earphones are probably one of the most commonly bought consumer tech products. There’s absolutely loads out there and we’ve had our fair share also. Lots of different features, all...
House of Marley No Bounds Sport side pair
House of Marley recently dropped the No Bounds speakers, which are designed for the great outdoors. Today we’re looking at the No Bounds Sport, which lives up to its name...
DD-500 on a pedal board.
Standing out from the crowd is difficult, there’s millions of bedroom guitarists. It all started when robots were able to manufacture large quantities of musicians supply. So much so, everybody...

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Learn to Play Guitar While Looking Good Some things to watch out for when choosing a guitar is its versatility, durability, and user-friendliness, as well as its ability to tune, and the Ibanez EW20ASE Exotic Wood Figured Ash Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a great guitar for beginners for only £237.65...
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