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When you just want to sit back, relax and enjoy some TV, you need decent quality sound. The issue is, most people get used to the small speakers incorporated into...
best wired earphones
Ever since the release of Bluetooth Earphones, wired earphones were being replaced. Present day, some brands are still launching wired earphones, such as Fiio with the FH1. Most have stopped...
MPOW Flame Sport Bluetooth Earphones review
MPOW has a range of budget Bluetooth devices which are available worldwide through online outlets. Today we’re looking at MPOW Flame Sport Bluetooth Earphones, which are inspired by the Powerbeats...
Bluetooth earphones are probably one of the most commonly bought consumer tech products. There’s absolutely loads out there and we’ve had our fair share also. Lots of different features, all...
House of Marley No Bounds Sport side pair
House of Marley recently dropped the No Bounds speakers, which are designed for the great outdoors. Today we’re looking at the No Bounds Sport, which lives up to its name...

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Manley Microphone
Pricey, high-end and well worth it, that’s what sums Manley Reference Cardioid. The Manley reference is a super, high end, studio condenser that is a great alternative to U87. Its tone is nice, bright and detailed that will sit in a mix without a lot of additional EQing
computer speakers
I came across the Behringer MS16 which are designed for use as monitor speakers but I also found that they are quite good for use as computer speakers. The lower frequency response is 80 Hz, this isn’t too great – I’ve been listening to music and if you turn it...
House of Marley Uplift 2 Wireless header
House of Marley are wireless experts, so it makes sense they’d release a Bluetooth version of their Uplift in-ear headphones. The new generation of Uplift 2 headphones features both wired and wireless models. The Uplift 2 Wireless is a lightweight in-ear headset with a modern audio profile and 10-hour battery...
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